Wednesday, 1 April 2015

My SW March!

March was a good SW month for me - I only lost 4.5lbs but I did achieve my 3 & 1/2 stone Award and got into the HEALTHY BMI range for the first time in over 18 years!! I've started running and can manage a 5k and joined an exercise class, again for the first in over 20 years! I've signed up for the Race for Life Bath 5k in June and have set my TARGET weight.

So here's hoping April will be a good month too. I'm really hoping I'll get my 4 stone Award and fingers crossed meet Target too but that might just be out of reach as my weight loss has slowed down. I intend to keep up with the exercise and have challenged myself to improve my running pace each time I go out.

When I look at comparison pics I feel so motivated to get to target! These photo's are a year apart and there is 3 & 1/2 stone difference. I know which picture I prefer. 

With the Easter weekend fast approaching, I've done my homework and worked out the lowest synned Hot Cross Bun. I can do without the chocolate but love a Hot Cross Bun, so I've planned one in for Good Friday after weigh-in!! Lidl's Rowan Hill Bakery Bun's come in at the lowest 7 syns per 60g bun.

Now do I have just the one or treat myself to two - decisions, decisions xx

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Anonymous said...

I would say have just one and either eat it slowly or cut it in half and have over two days. Would either work?

I do hope you reach your target weight but don't be hard on yourself if you don't because what you have achieved is truly amazing. Also better to maintain what you have achieved than lose too much more then regain it because it not sustainable?

I wish you every success!

Happy easter

Mandy x