Friday, 14 July 2017

A quiet week

It's been a quiet, non eventful week - Sam has been on his 'Work Experience' week up at Jeff's school in the IT department (not allowed to take a pic of him!). He has no idea what he wants to do and this was a good placement, if only for the working alongside other adults, rather than the actual doing, if that makes sense. He's quite a quiet boy, so general chit chat with a load of adults would be challenging but he's been fine and he's enjoyed loading software on to laptops and fitting a hard drive etc. Sophie has enjoyed having the car to herself, so a good week and there is only one more to go, before schools break up for Summer.

The garden is doing it's thing! 
There is always a time when everything, suddenly, grows madly and....

....we have peas ready for popping!

Annoyingly we had a lot of rain one day and the daisies, I'd meant to string up and support, did battle with the elements. I've now strung them up and they'll 'do' but now not at their best. Next year I must buy proper supports.

I've watched a little tennis....

and enjoyed a coffee, catch up and film with a friend.

I have made a few decisions about my on going weight management. I notified my lovely Slimming World consultant that I wouldn't be returning to my fabulous Friday morning group. I've not weighed in months and as a target member, you are supposed to face the scales monthly. Work and Uni open days have got in the way and I know it'll be hard to get there over the Summer, so I am taking the summer off. I'm not going to weigh, I'm not going to post daily pics of my food over on Instagram - I'm just going to relax and enjoy the summer and if necessary, join a new Slimming World group in September (there is one directly opposite my house on a Saturday morning) if the scales dictate I should do so. The weight isn't going back on, I'm determined to keep it off, so I will see if I can do this on my own now and if not, I will happily go back to group if I need to be accountable to someone.

We have booked our holiday for next year, so I have the perfect motivation to keep the pounds at bay. I know it's early but I found this 'affordable' villa (I've been looking for ages), with it's own pool and considering everything everyone wants from a holiday, a private villa was the way to go. I hate the whole getting up early to grab a sunbed routine, Sam spends most of his time up in an air conditioned room, as he hates the heat, so this way he can be still part of things and with a private pool, could go for a swim at 10pm should he wish. We are literally 50m from the beach and resort centre and we've been there before in half board accommodation, so know there is plenty to do. We have agreed to eating out every night (that's my perk of the holiday) and I'll happily do breakfast and lunch. It may be our last family holiday, as Sophie will be off to Uni (fingers crossed she gets the grades!) so I want to ensure everyone is happy. Just the flights to keep an eye out for now and book. I love something to look forward to and with no holiday this year, this will seem even more like a treat.


patchworkandlace said...

Hi Becky always enjoy your posts and was sad to see you close your business but i understand your reasons too , the villa you have found for next year sounds fab, i also hate the grabbing a bed early by the pool and a villa with your own pool would suit me too and the privacy , hope you have a lovely summer xx

theytarget said...
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dots and spots said...

Thank you patchworkandlace it's so expensive to go on holiday as a family, so it's good to get it right. Last year Sophie and I went to Sorrento and avoided the whole sunbed thing, it also freed up our time to go see other things as we weren't tied to the sunlounger.Sam really wasted our last family holiday hidden away in his room, so I'm really hoping this option will prove a hit for us all.