Saturday, 8 July 2017

We're done....for now!

So for the past two months, Sophie and I have been visiting various University Open Days, in her quest to find the one and chose a close second, as an insurance choice and we think she may be done!

Exeter was our first stop - highest grade entry requirement of A*AA 
She liked it, great course, nice campus but we need to return to see Exeter itself.

Birmingham was not far behind, requiring AAA
She LOVED it - great course, really nice campus, short train ride into the city

Surrey was very underwhelming and we left early, so we're forgetting that one but may well need to find an alternative in the September Open Day sessions to fill it's slot.

Cardiff requires AAB - was in competition with Southampton for the insurance place slot! 
Great city, friendly atmosphere, campus a little more spread out within the city, rather than completely campus based. I really liked it but ...... 

Southampton pipped it to the post in insurance place position. 
Requires AAB or ABB with an A in an EPQ qualification.
She liked the campus set up and the course was still good, so Southampton is her insurance place option with......

....Birmingham in top place!

Of course the small matter of passing her exams still needs to happen and I guess her AS level results will be a good indicator of what she could potentially achieve at A level. I guess by doing these Open Days, you have more of an idea of what you are working towards, on the other hand it can be hard to dream of where you want to go and ultimately not get the grades to achieve it! Who knows what will happen but she's a hard worker and if she puts in the work, her dreams may become a reality.

I've loved these Open Days - so much to see and take in - great people watching too x


Sharon said...

Southampton's great! I live and work in Southampton - lots to do as well and good links to everywhere! Good luck with the exams x

Lisa said...

You'll be able to relax a bit now then!
Glad that Sophie liked Southampton and it's helped her make up her mind.
Lisa x