Saturday, 1 July 2017

Goodbye June ....... hello July!

So goodbye June ....... hello July!

June was a busy old month and it's hard to think our family lunch was a month ago. Sophie has endured AS exams and I, through my scribing and invigilation, feel I have done exams too! Sophie and I have also been busy visiting University Open Days - great fun and so exciting for her. Exeter and Birmingham ticked off in June and a few more to see. Jeff and I had a fab evening with Take That, I squeezed in a trip to Bath, enjoyed a meal and catch up with an old school friend in Brum and of course we've celebrated Father's Day this month and my Dad's birthday. So all in all, a busy month. Jeff also broke up on June the 30th. so he's very happy to be on holiday now for the Summer.

I've now finished for the Summer, with my bit of supply teaching and exam invigilation - the marquee going up always signals the end of term. I now really need to find something a little more routine and permanent, so will have to keep looking.

The Bath brollies are still up and adding plenty of colour on a grey day. On my first day off, I escaped there for the day. I love going to Bath on my own, it always feels like a proper treat. 

Today however, the alarm was set for 6am and Sophie and I headed off to Surrey, for the next leg of our University Open Day Tour! It was an easy journey, big campus but it wasn't for her. I always said you must visit if you can because you will get that 'gut feeling' and today she wasn't feeling 'it'! I must say, I felt the same, so after a couple of hours on the campus, we headed into Guildford itself to see if that would sway her.

It was a lovely town but it didn't have the 'city feel' she is after, so at least we know and can cross it off the list. It wasn't a wasted trip, far from it because she now knows and I got to look around Guildford - Cardiff and Southampton to see next weekend.

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Lisa said...

Good luck with your job search.
After seeing your Birmingham post and how vibrant it looked, as much as I like living here in Southampton, I don't think Sophie will be sway when she visits here next weekend!
Any questions that pop up about your trip, as I said before, please feel free to ask.
Have a good week.
Lisa x