Thursday, 27 July 2017

Chasing the sun!

We're not able to go on a proper family holiday this year and with everything going on in the 'kids' lives, there are just snippets of time to do anything together. Fed up with the recent weather, we saw a reasonable forecast and a couple of free days, so decided to head down to Cornwall to stay with my parents in search of the sun.

Blue skies and bunting greeted us in St Ives......

.......and a busy Porthwidden beach. 

The boys contemplated for a while......

....but eventually went in for a dip!

A little chilled after their swim.

Proper Cornish pasty has to be eaten on the beach for lunch.

St Ives has always been my favourite place in Cornwall. As a child I remember coming down in an evening, en mass with all my cousins, crab catching along the harbour wall, eating fish and chips before the seagulls could, milling around the shops - still open at 8pm, treated to a bag of fudge or pebble sweets and loving the busyness of the place, people watching at it's best. It's still my place to go when we are down. I still love the hustle and bustle, although it was very busy this year. This pic is the view from our favourite place to eat 'The Hub' - we were lucky enough to get a table overlooking the harbour and what a view. 

The 'kids' are growing up fast and aside of the moans and groans, I love them dearly! Quality family time together is going to get less and less and I savour these times together, even if most of the time, they'd rather be somewhere else!

The Hub at it's best!

Chased the sun along the cliff road on our way home, to capture the setting sun.

Will share day two in another post!

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