Monday, 3 July 2017

How is it 2 years already?

2 years ago today!!

We moved to Street.

6 months of building chaos and..... extension later,

....we can now look back at a job 'well done'.

 And who knew we would get such good views of Glastonbury Tor
 from our bedroom window?

We have achieved a lot, although there is still a lot to do!

Sophie's room was first on the hit list, as she had exams on the way.

Then Sam's room got a makeover! 

Then our bedroom was a priority once the build was finished, after 'camping' downstairs in the front room for 8 months. This room was by far a surprise bonus of the build. We had no idea we could create such a big space and have so much storage to boot.

The kitchen is by far the best room in the house and the reason we bought this house, due to it's  building potential. This room and all it's 'space' has lived beyond all expectations. It is the heart of the house and is everything I wanted and more, with it's dual aspect to the front of the house and doors opening out into the garden at the back - it's perfect. 

And I love my little corner, with views out to the garden and of Glastonbury Tor.

The sitting room was completed in time for Christmas and finally, we had a space that felt like 'our's' to relax in, every evening.

Jeff's study hasn't been decorated but has been 'made good' to give him a space to work and chill out in, plus a place to hide away all his stuff! I think it's the first time that he has had his own actual room. 

We still need to tackle the bathroom (next on the list) utility and finally the hall, stairs and landing but I need to summon the energy and enthusiasm to tackle that one!

The garden is well under way and is feeling more like our garden now. Hopefully now Jeff has broken up for the Summer, we can get a lot of jobs out there ticked off the list. Out the front is a whole another story - we need to get it professionally levelled and surfaced, so need to save up to get that done.


All in all, the move has been a good one, for us all.

I wanted to move house a couple of years minimum before the children left home, so that when they came back from Uni in the holidays, it felt like home. They had a connection, friendship network, traditions and memories attached to the house. Through no fault of my parents, they moved due to my Dad's job the year both my sister and I left home for Uni and as a result, I never really went back as it wasn't really home. 

Already in the 2 years we have lived here, Sam has become a teenager and grown very tall! Sophie has celebrated her 16th birthday, sat her GCSE and AS exams, celebrated her Prom, passed her driving test, got her first job, all from this house. They like the bigger town, the more frequent buses that allow them more independence. Jeff has become a frequent visitor of the local leisure centre - swimming, spinning and locally trained and passed for his refereeing qualifications. He can walk to work and now dots and spots is no more, neither of us has a commute! It feels like home and the stresses of limited parking and an unsavoury neighbour at our previous address, feel like a lifetime ago. 

We still have things to do to the house inside and out but we have achieved a lot in the past 2 years and it really does feel like home x

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Miffy257 said...

You have achieved such a lot, it looks gorgeous. I remember your old home. I came across it in a interiors magazine some years ago and then followed you and your business. Hope you all have many happy years ahead X