Thursday, 27 July 2017

Day Two!

Day two and we ended up back in St Ives. With a questionable weather forecast, we decided to go for a walk rather than have a beach day. It was supposed to be 7k but we somehow missed a turning and cut it short by 2k but it was good to see the views from the top of St Ives and will definitely do it again, with the missing bit next time.

Some of us enjoyed it more than others!

And some us became the 'big kid' again!

Fab views from the top and once you are at the top.... have to come down hill!

Sheltering from the odd drop of rain.

Reward at the end of the walk - Cornish cream tea.

Such skill and patience.

Extremely low tides at St Ives

The Boy!

Passing the time of day - perfect people watching spot.

Have to have an ice-cream at the beach.....

.....and fish and chips!

Just have to keep watch that the St Ives Seagull doesn't get to it first.

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