Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Birthday Boy - 16

Who doesn't love a birthday!?!

Somehow, this one has turned 16!
My baby!!!

 Where, oh where, have the years gone?
I got quite emotional looking back through the photo albums to put together this collection. I started off with great intentions, to photograph them every year in the blue chair on their birthday, sadly we stopped. So it gave me excuse to lose an hour or two, looking back through the photo albums. I remember every birthday as if it were yesterday.

This year we have balloons.....

....and cake...

....lots of cake!
Sam is off out with friends today to celebrate his birthday, so we had cake for elevensies!

He wanted a double bed for his birthday, well he is 6ft plus now. We boxed up all the Lego, childhood books, cuddly toys, all stored away up in the roof for now, had a furniture shuffle to fit in the bed and now he has a room more in keeping of a 16 year old - computer, bed and a continual supply of Lynx. What more does a boy want!?!

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