Thursday, 16 August 2018

She only went and did it!!!


She did it! 
Sophie is off to Reading University to study Economics.

I can not tell you just how nerve wracking the past few weeks have been and this morning was awful. Luckily her school emailed out the results at 6am but still..... waiting for that 'ping', then actually opening up and reading the email. We genuinely had no idea which way it would go - 
Plan A - Off to Reading // Plan B - Reading after begging and pleading // Plan C - go 'somewhere' through Clearing // Plan D - retakes and a year at home!
Thankfully Plan A was all that was needed, as she got A B B, her Offer grades.

I think Jeff is especially proud of her A in Maths, with B's in Economics and Geography. I dropped her off at school in the morning, so she could catch up with everyone else, then this afternoon we've put together a list of what she needs to get. We have a few bits squirrelled away but then haven't wanted to think about it, incase there was the chance of it not happening! Now in 5 weeks time she'll be off, the start of a new big adventure!

Of course we celebrated with cheesecake, for breakfast at 7am!!
Why not!?!

Couldn't be happier x


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Congratulations! What great grades!! I know how nerve wracking the wait is - I always think about the mums too - I was really emotional when mine got their grades/uni places. My daughter is waiting for GCSE results day next week - she's just as nervous but this time she's the teacher!!