Thursday, 23 August 2018

Final Results are in....

....and he passed!!

The boy done good!

Sam and I have come to blows over the past year. I have felt all along that more effort was required and any work done was after lengthy debate about how long it would have to be for and would always end in an argument. In the heat of an argument he would always chip in "Sorry I'm such a disappointment to you" and I would always reply "not a disappointment but a huge frustration!!" He still is, a frustration, but somehow we got through the year, still speaking to each other and today the results were in

8's in Maths and Physics (A*)
7's in Chemistry and Biology (A)
6's in English Lang, History and Computer Science (B)
5's in English Lit and French (C)

Yes, you read that correctly, a 5 in French, he actually passed French! French was the 'mistake' subject. The subject you take because you think a Language would be good. The subject you hate from the word go. The subject you should have changed before it was too late. We ended up getting a tutor for French and today I took her a bottle of champagne to say thank you and celebrate the fact Sam actually passed and that miracles do happen!!!

He is now going on to study Maths, Physics and Chemistry at A Level, just like his father did. All subjects he enjoys, all subjects he's good at, so I'm hoping there will be less battles ahead of us. 

Sam we're super proud of what you have achieved and wish you the future success you deserve x

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Ali said...

Brilliant news xx