Sunday, 19 August 2018

Quick catch up!


We've come down from our high and all the excitement of A Level results day on Thursday. We of course celebrated and then on Friday the financial realities hit home, with her accommodation deposit paid! She got her first choice of accommodation which was great and I have been squirrelling bits and pieces away now for a while, although the list seems never ending and there are a good few shopping trips penciled in over the next few weeks before she goes.

I think the next few weeks are going to whizz by. She finishes work at the end of August, so has three weeks to sort herself out, de-clutter her room, pack, see friends and family etc before she goes. The intention is that she'll not come home until Christmas, we'll visit once at half term but of course that could all change, we'll go with the flow. It has felt for the first time though, that there is a slight autumnal feel in the air. It's been a lovely long summer but I need to get back into a proper routine soon, start saving instead of spending!! 

The garden is looking lovely, grass a little greener after the rain, still sweet peas flowering and beans, blackberries.....

....and even a fig for picking.

Dad bought me the fig plant last year and we have our first fig and it was delicious. It's actually full of figs but I'm not sure how many will now ripen enough to eat.

So it's been a busy and exciting week and we do it all again on Thursday, with Sam's GCSE results. No idea how they'll go, could not call it at all. I have insisted he tells me straight away or I'll embarrass him and come down to the school hall to find out, when he said expect to know about 11'ish!! He gets them at 9am!!! BOYS!!!!

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Ali said...

Congrats to your daughter. I was all psyched up for my son to go - he got his grades and accepted into his first uni choice but has changed his mind and will stay at home to do an apprenticeship instead - blooming cheek I had plans for his bedroom lol :-) x