Monday, 29 June 2015

4 days!!!

Finally after the most stressful week EVER, we exchanged contracts on our house - YAY!

I haven't felt so stressed in a long time, not since Jeff's redundancy news a couple of years ago (it's an 'out of control' thing) but in 4 days time we move - eek!

So it's into full on packing mode now we have the green light to go!

I had scheduled in the children's rooms this weekend but boy I underestimated 'big time' how long it would take, how much stuff they had and how much de-cluttering and dusting there needed to be done. It was like the Forth Bridge, just think you're done and then there's more!!

So we are surrounded in the expected chaos of boxes, bags of stuff for the charity shops and recycling and when it rains and we can't eat outside, we clear any space available and perch lol! Come Friday it'll be done and we can sort ourselves out but for now the clock is ticking. 

Right, I'm away to pack more boxes - have a good week x


KC'sCourt! said...

Good luck with the move
Julie xxxxx

Debdor said...

So excited for you, I love a good clear out and purge, but not when under the gun like you are. I have my fingers crossed for a smooth move...