Thursday, 4 June 2015

And breathe....

It's proving to be a stressful week, just lots to do, lots out of my control with the move and I like to be in complete control !! So whilst sat in my studio on a damp Monday morning, it was a joy to see this little visitor going back and forth in front of me for over an hour, busy nest building I assume. I've not seen a real hedgehog since I was a child and certainly didn't expect to see one so close to the house in daylight - such a treat to see.

I'm enjoying the most welcome sunshine that arrived yesterday but am itching to get outside to enjoy it, rather than being inside packing, sorting and fielding emails and phone calls.

I've decided running is going to become my new stress buster. Once the headphones are on, for 30 minutes I can't do anything but run. Got a new personal best yesterday, 7 seconds faster than previously, so I must have lots of stress to charge me on lol! Here's hoping things 'move' in the right direction and keep on course in the weeks ahead x

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