Saturday, 6 June 2015

.....and relax!

Today has all been about regaining a little calm and clarity to my stressful week. I like to be in 'control' and when I'm not I get stressed. Moving house annoyingly is completely out of your control and it's so hard to plan and organise things when you are at the mercy of others doing their bit. Waiting for phone calls or emails or people to get back to you or waiting for quotes or drawings is completely out of my control and all down to others doing what they say they will, when they say they will do it!!

I have however quickly come to the realisation that people don't do what they say will and that over the next few weeks, I must lower my expectations of others because they are not like me and don't meet agreed deadlines as they promise. I shall just keep making 'to do' lists of what needs to happen, politely (with a fixed smile on my face) chase up people and try to keep the house move 'moving' along gracefully like a swan on the surface, whilst frantically sorting out everything else behind the scenes!!

Today I have not been able to do anything regarding the move, the weather has been a beautiful so I've made the most of it. I made myself go out for a run and I'm glad I did. I enjoyed a leisurely breakfast out in the garden and did a few chores before taking time out to enjoy the sunshine.

I really will miss this garden when we do go.

So I am to not get stressed about things out of my control - easier said than done for a control freak but I must try. A little 'me' time in amongst the chaos is a must and five minutes down at the bottom of the garden is where you'll find me taking time out to stay calm and in control, of not being in control lol!! 

Looking forward to another day of sunshine and some relaxation tomorrow x

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joy said...

I feel for you Becky, after surviving an incredible almost 11 months house move, where we spent most of that time just waiting for other people to do their thing. Once it's all over and done with and you are in your new house, you'll soon forget the current stress - and at least now the weather is on the up x x x