Tuesday, 23 June 2015

So Move Day round one!

So this morning after the school run it was all systems go!
All the big furniture and anything that's not used day to day, is going into storage until the new house renovations are complete. I've been taking boxes over nearly every day but today some muscly men moved all the big bits of furniture over to the storage unit.

They did a great job and now some space has been cleared, it's round two, more packing. Again, anything not used day to day will be taken over to store and anything we use day to day, will now be boxed up for the move a week on Friday!!!

All my efforts are being fuelled by copious amounts of coffee and a little chocolate (I'm only human!!)
I must just remember in times of stress and chaos, that in 10 days time we will be in our new home x


KC'sCourt! said...

Good luck with it all
Julie xxxxx

Lisa said...

You sound jolly organised to me. Good luck for the next 10 days.
Such an exciting and stressful time demands the odd square of chocolate I reckon!
Lisa x

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the move!
Went to see Take That tonight. What a show! Fantastic!
Mandy x

joy said...

wow, that was quick, I thought you wouldn't be moving until the school hols. Good luck, really looking forward to seeing your new home and the progress you make with it. x x

Crafty Helen said...

I am assuming that you've exchanged?