Saturday, 20 June 2015

Today, we are 7!

Today dots and spots celebrates it's 7th Birthday. A few collages created in my little studio here at the house, marked the start of a fabulous little business for me. I remember moving in here, spending time in my new studio, my little oasis of creativity, a place where I could immerse myself in 'playing with paper' and seeing what I could come up with. The house renovations were finished, the children were at school, I was teaching part time and on my days off I would escape the busyness of boarding school life and come here and create. 

Those of you who have followed my blog over the past 7 years, will have shared my journey with me. Two years ago now, we took the decision to slow the business down. It had got too busy, was a time eating machine and what started out as something to fit around the kids, had turned into something where the kids had to fit around 'it'. The life/work balance had combusted and it was either grow the business, take on staff and work all hours I could or slow it down, enjoy working flexible hours and spending quality time with the children, with some extra money from the business thrown in. We decided on the latter and dots and spots now ticks away nicely, giving me a little income to spend on fun family time together, without the stress of running a big business. 

I lost my creative mojo for a while, as deadlines and print runs and trade shows dictated what I did and when. Who knows this new house move might just inject a little creativity back into my life and once the house renovations are complete, I may start to 'play with paper' again! 

We would normally celebrate with a SALE but due to the imminent house move, we will have to delay it for a little while, sorry. I promise a SUPER SALE once a little normality returns.

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KC'sCourt! said...

Your creativity is beautiful.
Julie xxxxxx