Thursday, 11 June 2015

Daphne x

Yesterday was a HUGE Non Scale Victory Day! Yesterday I could fit into my wedding dress again. 19 years ago I married my man, my best friend, my forever x It was the most wonderful day and I felt beautiful in my gorgeous dress and was the slimmest I'd ever been in my life. My mother-in-law 'Daphne' made my dress - we enjoyed many hours together shopping, planning, making sessions, fitting sessions for that dress and I felt beautiful and special on that fabulous day.

Well yesterday I managed to wriggle my way back into 'the dress' and all those memories of that wonderful day came flooding back. I felt a million dollars all over again. I never thought I would be slim enough, ever again, to wear that dress.

Not to be out done, Jeff came home and tried on his wedding day waistcoat to prove he could still fit into his wedding day 'tie' and waistcoat lol! He doesn't scrub up too badly after all these years.

It all seems to be timed to perfection because on this Sunday I am running the Race for Life - Bath 5k in memory of Daphne, Jeff's Mum, my wonderful Mother-in-Law and the maker of the that beautiful dress. She would have been genuinely so happy for me to have lost the weight and absolutely delighted that the wonderful dress, that holds the key to so many happy memories, can fit again. 

She was a wonderful lady, the life and soul, she would fill a room with her boundless energy and enthusiasm. She would be running beside me if she could or be one of the loudest cheerleaders from the sidelines, if she were still with us today. I won't be running in my dress but I will be running with all those happy memories associated with that dress, on Sunday. I will be running with her in mind x

I have set up a Just Giving Page should you wish to donate to Cancer Research UK.

Thank you and wish me luck!

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KC'sCourt! said...

Wonderful memories. You look gorgeous.
Julie xxx