Saturday, 20 June 2015

That's me done!!

This is my last regular Friday weigh-in post (on a Saturday - sorry!!)! 
As yesterday I lost 1.5lbs and .......

.... got awarded my 4 and a half stone AWARD!

This is the last award I can get and I'm now at the bottom of my Target weight range and technically 'DONE'!! I can achieve no more, other than the hardest bit I feel, maintaining my weight at this point!

I have been on the most incredible journey this past 9 months. I have changed my life and the path it was taking. From an outwardly cheery but inwardly miserable human being, I am now a fit, healthy and extremely happy person who LOVES life! If I hadn't walked through those Slimming World doors last September, I would have been struggling on my own to shift the pounds and failing miserably. With fantastic friendship, support and a plan that works, I have achieved everything and more!

I will obviously be working hard to maintain my weight and I shall still weigh in each week at group to keep on the straight and narrow and to catch up with friends but I won't be posting my weekly results, maybe a monthly catch up.

Prepare yourselves to be inundated with house move and decor posts as I start my new project. 


Claire Evans said...

Well done! You have done so well! I have resisted joining SW and similar all my life convincing that I can do it on my own (and failing!) - you have inspired me to give it a try xxx

Anonymous said...

You're amazing Becky! Would be really interested how you managed the running. I'm not overweight but would like some tips on how you got started/kept it up.

MarmiteToasty said...

I start my journey on This coming Tuesday... Life has dealt myself and family a serious blow, mega, but i can no longer use that an an excuse for the blob I have become, it is a reason but no longer an excuse... Thank you for the inspiration and to make a start - life had become overwhelming and all seemed imposaible, but sometimes one has to say enough is enough..... Time to find me again and not this outer ahell I have become... Wish me luck, Im going in lol x