Monday, 14 February 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

My daughter made it a tradition a few years ago, that in the Peabody household, we were all to exchange small gifts on Valentine's - I think she was feeling left out! So this year she bought me some beautiful red tulips - my absolute favourite!

My son, being a little charmer and someone who watches his pennies, decided to make me a lovely bunch of tissue paper flowers. It was so unexpected as he's been poorly, it brought a little tear to my eye - he'll break a few hearts in the future!

Being called Peabody, I thought this card was very apt!
Made by the fabulous Stop the Clock design studio

This one is from folksy made by Nicky Hartigan at CraftyCrocs Card Shop

Valentine's normally falls during the Half Term holiday so we decided to exchange our gifts last night, for no other reason than my daughter could wait no longer and it would be busy in the morning!

I will do a separate post on my gift to Hubby but I'm pleased he discovered Folksy as I always know I'll get something special and this year was no exception.

An 'I Love you' badge from Kitty Eden


A little spotty bird from HWR Designs

So Happy Valentine's Day to you all - hope you have a lovely day and either receive a special surprise Valentine or get spoilt rotten!

I'm off to have a coffee in Hubby's new valentine mug!


Vintage from the Village said...

I bought my husband that mug !
Lovely things you have there

Anonymous said...

Oh how I love the tissue paper flowers from your son! :o)

AMIdesigns said...

I love the idea of each of you giving something and I love the tulips!

Aimee (Second Hand Chic) said...

Nothing more lovely and romantic than red with white dots. I so love that bird, what a unique lovely gift! Also in love with the mug.

I'm going to pick up some tulips this afternoon, bright and romantic. x

FairlyGirly said...

Beautiful gifts, Folksy won't let you down either!

All things nice... said...

Oh more love in your home and more hearts :) Hope you had a lovely valentine's day :)

All things nice...