Sunday, 13 February 2011

A little bit of LOVE

We've had the heart tour and as it's Valentine's day tomorrow, I thought I'd share a little LOVE!

From handmade notes my daughter leaves around the place,

To wooden letters propped up on the picture rail.

My fabulous LOVE print my husband gave me one Christmas.

An old gift tag in a wire heart stand

And LOVE written in wire!

These old letters are propped up at the back of an old bookcase, again an old Christmas decoration, not put away!

I LOVE this photo taken many years ago as the children are now 8 and 11!

So remember to share a little LOVE from time to time - remember Love is what makes the world go round!


Judith said...

lovely !
wishing you and your family a lovely day :)

Blueberry Heart said...

Love them all!
Happy Valentines to you all

BH x

Lajoni said...

What a gorgeous its simplicity iykwim :)

Supercutetilly said...

Really nice collection of love...Nic xx

Anonymous said...

A gorgeous collection!

Charlotte Hupfield Ceramics said...

I love the word Love :) I use it on a lot of my ceramics items.