Saturday, 5 February 2011

Heart fest - bedroom and bathroom

So this fabulous union jack heart was hand painted by the very talented team at Giddy Kipper - you can find them on Not on the High Street - so many fabulous designs to choose from and it hangs, pride of place, in the downstairs loo!

This beautiful hand stitched hanging was sewn by a very talented friend of mine - it was put on the door one Christmas and has stayed there ever since!

This bunch of hearts was given to my husband from the children on his 4oth birthday.

And of course where ever there is a hook, something will be hanging on it and if in any doubt, it will probably be a heart.

This is a valentine's heart from my son when he was 4 - a very treasured keepsake.

This spotty heart was a Christmas present this year, I am running out of places to hang them all!

This little wooden heart sits perfectly amongst the family photo's that adorn the bedroom wall.

This gingham heart clanks as the wardrobe door opens - quite good as I hide pressies in this old wardrobe.

And finally this pair of hearts was a Valentines gift a few years ago from my husband!

And they say romance is dead!


Samantha said...

I've only just come across your shop (by a blog I read) which has led me to your lovely blog :) I love the items in your shop and hope to buy something when I next have some spare money!
I love the amount of hearts you have in your house! My collection is slowly growing but my favourite is a handmade heart garland <3

Samantha x

susan said...

I'm loving looking at all your hearts you have around your house! I also have quite a large collection but I think I still have a long way to go before I can catch up with you!!