Tuesday, 15 February 2011

I need your help!

It's been no secret that for nearly 2 years now I have been thinking about designing wrapping paper. I used to sell gift tags and was always asked where was the paper to go with them but I never had any room to store it! The tags were a pain - I used to punch, string them (having cut the ribbon to size first) and then pack them which used to take forever. So once the trade orders started to come in more frequently, they quietly came off the website but I am still asked for them so......

..... now I am in premises and moving to larger ones next week - I now have the space and shelving to store the paper and because I can now order in larger quantities I can get matching gift tags already punched and strung for me.

Today I had a meeting with my printers to discuss quantities, paper quality, bar coding etc and it threw up a few questions, which is why I need your help. Nothing too difficult just a little bit of market research! So if you wouldn't mind answering the few questions below, it would be much appreciated.

1 Do you prefer your wrapping paper as a sheet or on a roll?

(although I will probably be getting only sheets printed)

2 Do you prefer it to be sent folded or rolled?

3 Do you like a matt or shiney finish?

4 Would you see it as a real bonus if it were printed double sided?

5 Do you like to have a matching gift tag?

If you do take the time to reply - a huge THANK YOU coming your way.

I will keep all your names together and when the paper arrives
*hot off the press!*
I will select a random winner to win a selection from the new wrap and tags.

When you're getting 10's of 1000's of sheets printed, I don't want to get it wrong!

Can't wait to start designing!


bekimarie said...

Sheet, rolled, matte and double sided is great!
Hope this is of some help to ypu!

B xxx

nickynackynoo said...

1. I prefer a sheet, but tend to buy rolls as it's cheaper.
2. Prefer rolled, but imagine that will impact pretty hugely on your costs (?) so folded would be fine.
3. Matt
4. Don't really see the point of double sided.
5. Yes to gift tags.
Looking forward to seeing it!

Emilia Jayne said...

What a great idea. I'll keep my eyes peeled for when your products are available.

1. Sheet usually.

2. Rolled ideally.

3. Definitely matt for a nice finish

4. This would be a very luxurious bonus but it's not a must and I wouldn't pay more for it.

5. Yes but it doesn't always have to be the same pattern. I sometimes think a loosely matching gift tag is best

Hope this helps. Good luck with your new adventure!

Michelle said...

Sheet, don't mind folded or rolled, matt, double sided wouldn't interest me and like matching gift tags.
Think I've answered everything. How exciting. Looking forward to seeing the designs. Good luck :)

Pene said...

1. I have no prefence, I buy what I like however it comes
2.Rolled is better, but folded is fine
4.Double sided would be brilliant but I would imagine that would put the cost up considerably.
5.Definately co-ordinating tags so the tags go with the paper but aren't the same!!
Hope that helps I can't wait to see the finished results.
Pene x

bobbeez-8r1id said...

1- rolls (quantity!)
2 - rolls
3 - Matt
4 - One sided
5 - Yes to gift tags (but to be ordered seperately)

crafts@home said...

1) rolls
4)double sided is always nice
5) no - I don't tend to use gift tags
Sue Xx
(matching the gorgeous rolls of tape you do?)

Dazie said...

1 Depends on the on the item I am wrapping , but its nicer if it hasnt got fold lines in so off the roll is always better for and I can wrap lots of presents in all different size paper of my choice.

2 Rolled there is nothing worse than folded wrapping paper with creases in.

3 I dont mind either I guess the shiney gives it that added touch.

4 Yes as for some reason it sounds like a jolly good idea! Espcially if you want to make a matching embellishment, the white of the back wouldnt show :)

5 Yes it gives it that added lovely touch!

Hope that helps


Ruth said...

1. Either, normally depends on what available in the design I like
2.Never had it sent before, imagine sheets would send better
4.Not a real bonus but would be nice
5.Normally go for complimenting gift tag rather than matching

Isla B Baby said...

Double sided (like the cath kidston paper) on a sheet with a mat finish and a sticker label not a tag as they tend to come off. If the quality is good enough the paper can then be used to post a present out with as it has a label and so saves having to buy brown paper and wrapping, thus cornering to markets in one x

Karen said...

1.Rolls all the way!
4.Love double sided
5.Matching tag a bonus


Gina said...

I like my paper in sheets, rolled with a matt finish and love the idea of double sided (very classy!) and matching tags are good although not obviously matching if that makes sense. Hope that helps.

Elli Moody said...

I'd say sheets, folded or rolled, matte finish, double-sided is nice but not essential, tags are always nice!
Looking forward to seeing the finished product!

Artiste de luminere said...

Hi.....For me personally
1. As a sheet
3. Shiny
4.No need for double sided
5.Always a matching gift tag or a tag using the dominant colour

Hope tha helps...Chris

Quirky Boots said...

sheet, rolled, matte, no point in double sided, big yes to gift tags xxx

spotty N stripy said...

Sheets, folded or rolled don't really min, prefer a Matt finish, double sided a great idea but not a requirement when choosing and I do like a matching tag.

Mermaid said...

I personally prefer sheets sent folded, glossy and with a matching or co-ordinating tag!

Good luck with the new premises.


mrsgiddy said...

1. Prefer sheets usually unless for big items.
2. Don't mind folded - easier for postage.
3. Matte finish.
4. Don't see point in double sided unless its a big roll!
5. Yes to matching gift tags!

Good luck!

Hazel said...

My answers are:
Sheets, Don't mind, Shiny, not bothered about double sided and yes - quite like matching gift tags.

Gemma said...

1 Do you prefer your wrapping paper as a sheet or on a roll?


2 Do you prefer it to be sent folded or rolled?


3 Do you like a matt or shiney finish?

Both but matt is harder to find and a touch classier in my humble opinion

4 Would you see it as a real bonus if it were printed double sided?


5 Do you like to have a matching gift tag?

It's nice but I can live without

Hope this helps :)

Hazel said...

1. sheet
2. Don't mind
3. Shiny
4. not bothered about double sided
5. Quite like matching gift tags

Mandy said...

1- sheet normally as can get something unique for each person, although a roll suitable for any occasion is handy to have.
2 - rolled definatly
3- like both, matt abit more perhaps.
4- don't see the point in double sided either.
5- yes to matching gift tags!

Pocketful of Patterns said...

Oooh - exciting - hope it all goes well!

I'd say sheet, definitely rolled, matte looks a little nicer I think and double-sided is a nice touch, but probably not too necessary...lovely to have co-ordinating tags to go with though! Hope this helps, and good luck! :)

Piddley Pix said...

1. Really don't mind whether it is sheet or roll

2 Rolled preferably but if folded just not too much

3 Matt

4 Double sided I am not sure about, don't really need it

5 I don't always use gift tags, but they are handy to have

Anonymous said...

Hi Becky. Usually prefer rolls as avoids the creases in the paper.
Matt rather than shiny as sellotape often doesn't stick so well to shiny.
Double sided sounds nice but isn't important.
Tags look pretty but often get forgotten in our house.
Good luck with it all x

Little Miss Crafty *Kerri* said...

Roll, rolled, matted & single sided so cost it lower :)
Hope that helps

tracy said...

1. normally a sheet, but a roll is useful for bigger/lots of items.
2. prefer a sheet to be rolled
3. Matt
4. single sided is fine
5. tag yes, but something that compliments the pattern rather than matches it completely is nice

mrsq said...

Hi, I usually buy a sheet, only buy rolls at christmas, and i buy my sheets folded as they usually come in those cellophane packets with the tags included, or else i wud forget and i do like the tags to match!! Double sided is a great idea and i usually only find in really top quality papers so wud expect to pay more for this and wud do!! I hope i have been of some help, as a new comer to your blog and facebook i am really loving all the spots, thought i was a one of a kind dots, spots and heart lover!! haha Good luck Natalie x

susan said...

OOo I am so please you will be going down the gift wrap road. I did nearly email you the other day to ask! i would be lovely to have some spotty and stripy paper to go with your tape.
1.I like rolled paper dont like creases!
2. Prefer rolled but probably be difficult to post.
3. Matt
4.Double sided is probably a waste
5.Don't really use gift tags usually just tape the birthday card on if it's for a child and hand over personally if an adult.
However xmas paper needs a tag!
Hope that helps and i'm looking forward to the results! Sx

Naomi said...

Hi got to say I've just found you & love your stuff. Now paper- personally I'd prefer sheet, folded, matte and double sided would be a luxury for those I really love!, otherwise one sided normally & ooooh yes matching tags please! Very exciting..... x

Jūlija said...

1. I prefer sheets or collection of some sheets, for more individuality, I don't like pack many gifts in same papers! :)
2. I prefer rolls!
3. I think matt is more "home made" stylish! :)
4. I think it's not necessary for double printed. I think you can make double sided scrap booking paper better!
5. Yes, matching tags would be nice!

Jane said...

1. Sheet
2.Rolled, definitely
4.Double sided not necessary - but I like the idea of revealing the inside when you open a gift, or wrapping a collection of gifts using both sides.
5.Yes - as long as tag stands out from paper.

ps love your work and the blog-business progress is inspirational!

Sew Recycled said...

hmmm, good questions.
1. I prefer sheet when its such pretty unique paper, I only ever buy roll for christmas.
2. Rolled!
3. tricky, but I think Matt.
4. Again, special presents deserve double sided.
5. Gift tags yes!

Good luck and cant wait to see your designs

Mrs Shilts said...

I adore wrapping paper so can't wait to see what you come up with.

1) I think a roll is nicer as I hate creases but then sheets are easier to post
2) I do prefer rolled paper but then folded is better to send
3) I love Matt paper so you can accessorise the gift with bows or ribbons
4) I think paper printed on both sides is a bit of a waste
5) love matching gift tags so would love these

Can't wait to see your designs


ellie said...

1. Prefer it in sheets, unless it is for a huge pressie!!!
2. Don't mind either folded or rolled
3. I quite like a matt finish
4. Not bothered about it being double sided
5. Yes, i like to have a matching gift tag

Hope this helps with your decision making - i'm going through similar decisions at the moment, but with my final major project so know how it feels to need other people's opinions!

Good Luck x x

Plus Size Shopaholic said...

1 I prefer rolls, but on the practical side of it, sheets would be much easier to store for you and us.

2 Sent folded.

3 Shiny finish.

4 Double sided doesn't appeal, if I see two designs I like I'd buy both!

5 Yes.

Emele said...

Do you prefer your wrapping paper as a sheet or on a roll? For xmas paper on a roll. For "other paper" by the sheet.

2 Do you prefer it to be sent folded or rolled? Don't mind - Folder I guess would be cheaper!

3 Do you like a matt or shiney finish? Depends on the design - Whatever you think looks best!!

4 Would you see it as a real bonus if it were printed double sided? - Umm no! Don't understand why I would need it on both sides ;)

5 Do you like to have a matching gift tag? If it came included sure - Otherwise not bothered.

Hope that helps :o)

Penny Lindop said...

Have been supplying retail outlets with giftwrap for a while and this is what I have found, if its any help:
loose sheets go well - more economic. We only have it printed as sheets. Smaller shops like it folded and packed (We pack one sheet and 1 tag together - my tags are handfinished with fluffy sheep or fairy) which we do in the studio (it's a pain!!)
Shops who buy it loose generally buy half the number of tags to sheets (but that may be because my tags are pricey.)
Personally can't see the point of double sided.
Hope that helps. Good luck

Anonymous said...

Hi, SurveyMonkey do free survey, which would make it easier for you to analyse any results, bit late for this one but handy for in the future ;)

1. I prefer a sheet, but tend to buy rolls as it's cheaper.
2. Prefer rolled, but imagine that will impact pretty hugely on your costs (?) so folded would be fine.
3. Matt
4. Don't really see the point of double sided.
5. Yes to gift tags. I do like the same colours gift cards, but something a bit different too, so it doesn't get lost in the paper.

Maxie said...

1. Roll, easier for me to store and keep tidy
2. Rolled
3. Depending on who it's for. Matt for adults, shiny for kids
4. Double sided is a waste, used some before and feels like such a shame to hide the other side.
5. Don't always use gift tag, but will be nice if same theme but a little different look.

Good luck:-) xx

Anonymous said...

1. I prefer a sheets of paper
2. Prefer it rolled, but imagine that will increase p & p costs (?) so folded would be fine.
3. I like a Matt finish
4. SIngle sided would be fine it just gets ripped off anyway.
5. Yes always have matching gift tags.

Cant wait to see it!

Miffy said...

I usually buy on a roll, because of the cost and I prefer it because I don't really like folded wrapping paper. I prefer a matt finish. I wouldn't buy double sided as I would assume I was paying more for something that I don't really need. I usually use a tag that co-ordinates, but not always an exact matching one. Just personally for me - I love wrapping paper, but I won't spend a lot on it as I don't find many people appreciate it and it just goes in the bin (hope that helps!)!!! L xxx

Kerry said...

1.prefer roll
2. don't see use of double sided
3. shiny finish
4. yes to gift tags (essential if I was buying as a sheet as would expect tag in a pack with 2 sheets)


Domestic Goddesque said...

Sheet, rolled if possible, Matte and double sided sounds very cool. I'd definitely pay more for that, and I like co-ordinating tags rather than matching, but am probably being a pedant now!

Can't wait to see the designs!

Claire Gray said...

1 Do you prefer your wrapping paper as a sheet or on a roll?


2 Do you prefer it to be sent folded or rolled?

Not folded. The sheets I currently use get sent flat (i.e. not rolled or folded).

3 Do you like a matt or shiney finish?


4 Would you see it as a real bonus if it were printed double sided?

No. I dont get the point and it just adds cost.

5 Do you like to have a matching gift tag?

I like the option of a matching gift tag, but don't like if it if you have to buy them together.

Claire Gray said...

1 Do you prefer your wrapping paper as a sheet or on a roll?


2 Do you prefer it to be sent folded or rolled?

Not folded. I currently use Caroline Gardner (and another cheaper one) get sent flat (i.e. not rolled or folded).

3 Do you like a matt or shiney finish?


4 Would you see it as a real bonus if it were printed double sided?

No. I dont get the point and it just adds cost.

5 Do you like to have a matching gift tag?

I like the option of a matching gift tag, but don't like if it if you have to buy them together.

Anonymous said...

you already have so many comments!
I would buy your wrapping paper in any shape or form and any finish but to answer your questions I would prefer rolls as you don't get the lines (if you want to use it for something else as well)
Matt finish would be perfect for your designes. Double sided wrapping paper is great as you can use it in many ways (all depends on the cost I suppose)......mmmmm matching gift tags sound good. PS i loved your old gift tags and used them as tags in general but always put my own string :) good luck! x

Jenny said...

1: Depends - if I'm wrapping a special present (eg birthday/wedding etc) then I tend to buy sheets. At Christmas etc I buy rolls if I have lots and lots to wrap as it works out much cheaper
2: Prefer rolled really, as obviously there are no creases. Saying that I bought a load of folded packs recently and they still look great!
3:Shiny finish for me
4:Not really, not sure I would pay extra for this anwyay
5: Yes, co-ordinating/matching gift tag is always really useful/nice especially if you have gone to the trouble of buying lovely paper!

Hope that helps xxx

ELF said...

sheet,rolled,matt yes gift tags.

cant wait to see it Becky x

KC'sCourt! said...

1. Not fussed but I prefer thicker paper because flimsy paper tends to tear easily on corners of boxes, or put your fingers through it if something soft is wrapped.
2. Folded would be fine.
3. Matt finish
4. Not sure about double sided, but it would be nice for that 'special gift'
5. I would only buy a gift tag say for a wedding or another very special occasion - so sell them separately
Good luck with it all
Julie xxxxxx

Emma Loves Stitching said...

I was told about your blog by a friend, I'm a designer as well and alot of my designs get transferred to gift wrap. Hope this helps:

2.prefer rolled, but folded is fine and probably easier.
4.Can't see point in double sided?
5. Yep gotta love matching gift tags.

Can't wait to see end result x

LittleGem said...

1. I prefer a roll, easier to keep neat!
2. Again, roll, but posting folded would be cheaper.
3. Don't mind matte or shiney.
4. Double sided is a waste imo, you only see one side anyway!
5. gift tags are nice, but not always needed
Hope that helps xxx

Jenevieve said...

Wow, that's a lot of comments!
I love wrapping paper, so thought I should comment too!

1 and 2. I prefer wrapping paper in a sheet, but rolled up to send.
3. Matt is my favourite.
4. I'd really like to see some doublesided paper, but then if the cost is too high I probably wouldn't buy it.
5. I'm not bothered with gift tags, as I like to make original ones for my packages (such as beaded letters)

Looking forward to seeing your first batch! :) x

Emma said...

I would prefer it on a roll.
Definitely rolled as I hate folds in paper.
Single sided as I wouldn't pay more for double sided.
Yes to gift tags.

Stu Green said...

1) I would prefer a roll as it would last longer and you don't have so many off-cuts!
2) Sending it rolled would be better - no creases.
3) Matt - more classy and sellotape sticks to it better.
4) Double-sided wrap would give you a great selling point - two designs in one!
5) If a matching gift tag was included that would also be a great selling point. They are so useful to have and really finish off a present. How about including some ribbon as well? Obviously you would need to charge more but if it's really good quality I think people would pay for it. I certainly would - your products are lovely!

Hope this helps!
Gift Ideas For Her

Rachie @ A Chi Chi Affair said...

Would love double sided! great idea!
Definitely like gift tags

teeny tiny house said...

1.prefer the sheets but rolls are more practical(for large gifts)
2. not fussed on this one
3. definitely matt
4.cant see the point unless you get a different print on each side but I'm not sure i would pay more for it
5.yes to gift tags i like to buy them as a set for one price but like them to be complementary not matching
hope this helps
Lucy x

dosierosie said...

Sheet, rolled, matt, double sided might be fun, yes to gift tag.

Live lightly said...

1. Prefer sheets
2. Either
3. Matte definitely
4. Can't see point of double sided unless you can do really fancy wrapping.
5. Matching tags must

Bella Bobbin said...

1. I prefer a sheet if it is beautiful paper and a roll if it's something like Christmas paper
2) Prefer rolled, but if I really loved it I would still buy folded.
4)I do like double sided - great if you have lots of small presents. I recently framed some double sided Cath Kidston paper, great value.
5) Gift Tags definitely.

Very excited to see it!

Artwork By Angie said...

1. Sheet
2. Rolled (protects the paper better)
3. Matt (easier to wrap, has a better quality feel)
4. See no real benefit from double sided print, can take it or leave it.
5. Gift tag essential - needs to complement the wrapping paper, but no need to be an exact match.

Hope this helps, I'm sure your finished designs will be fab :-)

Angie x

Helen Rose Glass said...

I prefer rolls of paper and not to have folds in it but I'm guessing it will be much easier to send in flat sheets though. Shiny paper for me with a matching gift tag will be fab.Can't really see an advantage to double sided paper.
Can't wait to see the new designs

PaulStickland said...

lovely work here, I really want to produce wrapping paper! Are you using a local printer? best wishes, Paul http://paulstickland.co.uk

milly said...

Hi Becky,

1.I prefer on a roll, but if it's sheets only, I prefer them rolled.
2.Matt finish.
3.1 sided only.
4.I prefer co-ordinating gift tags, not matchy matchy.

Good luck x

Catherine said...

No preference re sheets and rolls. For christmas I tend to get rolls as it works out cheaper, but for other occasions I like sheets as you often find the designs are nicer.
Prefer matt if patterned... but shiney could look very cool too dependant on design.
Defo want to see matching gift tags, or coordinated tags too (i like shaped ones if for children as find this is something a bit different to the bog standard rectangular ones offered by the high street) and ribbon too if possible.
Not sure re double sided. Not sure I see much benefit as it will no doubt increase the cost a lot. Wouldnt want to pay extra for something i wouldnt often use.

Could you make gift boxes too?


Penny said...

In an ideal world I would like a roll but buying mail order I can see that flat sheets are easier to send. I like it matt, if it's double sided I get VERY excited and it's nice to have a matching tag although if love the paper I don't mind. (I am a wrapping paper junkie and have lots I can't bear to put the scissors to, let alone watching people ripping off a present. My favourites go to cover books so I can keep enjoying them. Looking forward to seeing your designs!
Penny x (Planet Penny)

Kate said...

I'm envious, this looks like so much fun. I'd love to design my own wrapping paper!

1 Do you prefer your wrapping paper as a sheet or on a roll?

on a roll, only because it's usually better value for money

2 Do you prefer it to be sent folded or rolled?

not fussed!

3 Do you like a matt or shiney finish?

matte, it looks more tasteful

4 Would you see it as a real bonus if it were printed double sided?

no, not really

5 Do you like to have a matching gift tag?

it's a nice addition but I'm not too fussed!

:) x

Helen Harkawenko said...

1. sheet
2. rolled
3. matt finish
4. double sided isn't really necessary
5. yes to gift tags

Good luck, I hope it all goes well!
Helen x

daisy daydreams said...

Ok, these are my answers:

1/2.Love my sheets on a roll, only cos its easy to store, I always have some in stock for birthday present etc, but if in a sheet, would have to come rolled, I hate folded sheets.
3. Matt
4. Doesnt bother me, if it worked out cheaper just on one side, I would buy that.
5. Love matching gift tags

Hope these helped.

Clare said...

Hi sounds exciting! roll, matt, doesnt matter if its printed both sides, matching tags would be good, defin. rolled not folded..hope that helps?

Country Cottage Chic said...

Single sided


Kristy and Lily said...

I prefer on the roll ideally.Matt but not too matt if you knwo what I mean? Love double sided as can be more inventive with wrapping. Not bothered about matching tags so much.

FairlyGirly said...

Here goes:-
1 on a roll, don't get folded lines and can cut to size more easily.

2 rolled

3 prefer matt

4 single sided is fine, don't really need double and the cost must be more

5 love matching tags.

Look forward to seeing the new range.

Miss Emmelines said...

1 I buy both both depending on what I have to wrap...
2 Rolled - hate,hate,hate fold lines!
3 Matt
4 Yes! Love that you have an option to do something different
5 Like it to be co-ordinating, but not necessarily the same pattern

Steph x

Original Art By Clare said...

1. Sheet usually, so I don't have loads of the same design.
2. Rolled, but folded is also good as easier to keep nice.
3. Matt.
4. Don't really see the point of double sided.
5. Yes to gift tags.

Maxine said...

Right : 1 Rolled,

2 Prefer rolled, but folded is often a lot cheaper postage!

3 shiny

4 That would definitely be a bonus!
5 Yes, though it would be great to be able to buy extra ones as sometimes a sheet can wrap more than one present!

Anonymous said...


1. I tend to buy funky sheet/tag packs as and when i buy the present, so i think this will work well in your favour, buying the wrap to match the card or with one of your prints as the gift. I think you should focus on that opportunist buyer offering matching wrap/tag combo at checkout?

2. folded-for cost
3. depends on the design, are you able to print foils?
4. im not fussed on double sided paper.
5. yes.

Good luck with your findings. As always, you are an inspiration Becky.

Sarah xx

Samantha said...

1 Do you prefer your wrapping paper as a sheet or on a roll?

I Love flat packed paper as it is much easier to use and I find it has a lot neater finish, but I find we do buy a mix of rolled and straight.

2 Do you prefer it to be sent folded or rolled?

If it is a sheet, then definitely folded since we store it at home that way.

3 Do you like a matt or shiney finish?

Either! The only thing I mind when it comes to finish is that it is good quality paper (e.g it isn't see-through and doesn't tear at the slightest touch)

4 Would you see it as a real bonus if it were printed double sided?

I'm not sure, I don't think it would make much of a difference for me!

5 Do you like to have a matching gift tag?

Yes, a matching gift tag is always a big plus!

Looking forward to seeing your range! Samantha x

Fiona said...

1. I much prefer a roll because sheets are often too small to cover the present so you end up having to use more than one sheet which is inconvenient.

2. Prefer rolled as it makes a nicer wrapped present.

3. No preference between matt or gloss.

4. Don't see the need for double sided, although the wrapping paper I usually use is very thick (don't want to see the title of a book you're giving showing through the paper - rather spoils the surprise I feel!) and has grid lines printed on the back as a guide for cutting.

5. Nice to have the option I suppose, but I don't tend to buy gift tags. It can be nice to have a tag which doesn't match, but *goes* if you see what I mean - otherwise the tag blends into the wrapping paper and you don't really see it which always seems pointless to me!

Fiona said...

Just thought - I don't envy you or whoever ends up going through all the comments and counting up responses or organising them into a spreadsheet or something! :)

two bones and a bagle said...


Sheets are fine and so is folded - thats what you get in the supermarket etc. Matt pref but sometimes buy shiny. Double sided it can be used for craft projects as well as wrapping. Gift card to match if poss but not essential.

AMIdesigns said...

I prefer sheets, matte and rolled! I've also awarded you a Stylish Blog Award - please have a look at my blog for more details :)

Ionwen Charlesworth... said...

As promised here's my thoughts:
1. Sheet
2. Rolled
3. Matt
4. Double sided
5. I personally don't do matching but that's me (odd, tehe)!!!
Looking forward to seeing your finished work. OooOo how exciting. Ionwen XXX

bonnie said...

1. Either rolls or sheets
2. posted in any way cool
3. Matte finish
4. Love double sided you don't see it much either!
5. Yes to matching gift tags!
Good luck I like what I saw on your desk! ;) hugs x

Vintage to Victorian at Dairy House Antiques said...

Hi Becky

It looks as if you have plenty of results judging by the comments!

I prefer sheets as a general rule and hate it with a vengeance if the shopkeeper rolls it. I like it folded. Don't know why, I just do!

I'm easy as to whether it's matt or shiny - often depends on the pattern/design as to which looks better.

Have only ever bought one sheet of double sided but then found it difficult to decide which side to use. Probably a waste of money to produce it.

Yes I like matching gift tags or at least tags that blend nicely!

Best of all is paper that if you sellotape it and then decide you need to add something extra to the parcel, the design doesn't come off on the tape!!! Also good for sneaky peeks at any prezzies you might be given ... not that I'd ever do that of course!!!!!

Have fun analysing the survey!

Sue x

tony said...

I prefer sheets, rolled or folded, in a matt finish. Love double sided (especially for wrapping flowers) but not essential. Co-ordinating gift tags would be good.

lisamarie (maytreelane) said...

1. either (sorry!)
2. folded is fine
3. matt
4. no one side is fine :)
5. yes definitely, but not necessarily exactly, like larger element from print, or same print in another colourway etc...

lisamarie x

Martina said...

1. I don't mind
2. probably rolled
3. matt
4. I LOVE double sided but then it's difficult which side to choose :D
5. don't use gift tags

Good luck! Mx

Pam said...

Sheet or roll, but always rolled for posting, matt, and would love gift tags - but not exactly matching!
Can't wait to see them.
P x

♥ flutter ♥ said...

1. I prefer both really. A sheet is ideal for wrapping smaller gifts, where as the roll is great for larger ones.

2. If the paper was folded it would have less chance of postal damage and also keep the cost of of postage down. I can't see how rolled paper would work. I think my postman would still sqeeze it through the letter box LOL!

3. I like both. I do prefer matt to shiney, although shiney accents can look really pretty.

4.Oh yes for sure the paper would look great with an inside finish. If you are taking the time to wrap something why not finish it with an inside print too. Although I think that would bump up costs alot, but it if it was a special then why not.

5. Yes I think the matching tags are just a nice finishing touch to wrapping.

I hope these answers help.

madebymum said...

I like matt sheets of wrapping paper. and sent rolled.

Carly said...

1. I buy rolls as you tend to get more.
2. Rolled
3. Matt finish
4. Double sided would be a real bonus but I guess it would depend on how much more it costs as to whether I would actually buy it
5. I make my own gift tags but would definately buy coordinating ones if I didn't

Good luck Becky x x x x

Vintage from the Village said...

How exciting, cant wait to see it!
Sheets are fine (my favourite is a pack of several rolled sheets of similar designs - but I cant remember who makes it !)

Matt preferably (think would suit your designs better?)

Not bothered about double sided

Not bothered about gift tags as usually use my own or buy off other bloggers !

Best wishes
Sue x

Silly Old Bear Crafts said...

1 Sheet or roll (roll better for larger gifts)
2 folded
3 Matt
4 double sided - no
5 Gift tags - no (I normally write straight onto the paper)

How exciting!

Lisa said...

I usually buy wrap on a roll but if I were buying a sheet then I would prefer that rolled. Wouldn't be bohtered about double sided paper and don't use many tags as I write on the paper.
Lisa x

Anonymous said...

1. As a sheet as I like to use different paper for different gifts- more eclectic that way!
2. Rolled but probably easier (and cheaper) to send folded so it wouldn't bother me that much.
3. Matt
4. Double sided not necessary- you don't see it anyway.
5. I don't tend to use matching tags but I would think a lot of people would prefer that option.

Hope that helps and I love your quirky style!

Much love x

Yamie said...

Sheet, folded isn't a problem. Double sided sounds great but not essential! Prefer matt as tape doesn't tend to stick to glossy paper
A definite YAY to gift tags!

Aimee (Second Hand Chic) said...

For nice wrapping paper for a special occassion, which I presume would be the sort of wrap you are doing.

I like sheet, folded, matt, one sided and yes to gift tags.

For Christmas I like rolls. For my child's birthday I like rolls. For everything else- new baby, friend's birthdays its sheets all the way.

I can't wait for your wrapping.

bella said...

your paper is lovely, i came across you on facebook, and i love it, i love wrapping things in all doff paper,here are my answers
i prefer to buy in a sheet, as i can gauge better how much i need for what i am wrapping,
double sided seems a bit of a waste as you would never see one side of it anyway, its just more expense and ink, so i would stick to one sided, and i like matt paper if i am buying to wrap say my mums special pressies, but if i am wrapping up for my niece then i love glossy bright shiney paper, so i think a bit of both is good. x x