Sunday, 20 February 2011


So 'progress' as in shelf building rather than the new Take That album!

Building the shelves hasn't gone quite to plan but Hubby got there in the end. Why is it that the simplest of jobs take much longer than first expected!?

I braved it this afternoon and paid him a visit, armed with chocolate (His favourite treat!) - and Wow! what a lot of empty cardboard boxes and .....

.....what a lot of orange and blue industrial shelving!

There seems an awful lot of it but I've bought plenty so that I shouldn't have to buy any more for a long time. Everything else gets moved on Tuesday and should be easily homed! I'm also hoping the cream Ikea shelving might hide it all away too! Bright orange and blue is not my normal colour scheme!


Kerry said...

wow, its going to be great, I am so excited for you (and I'll be honest a little bit green despite being a red strawberry)

reading through your blog and the lovely things that people have sent you, I got to thinking, clearly good things happen to good people!

I have never met you personally, did speak ever so briefly to your husband at top drawer and he was also lovely and very polite despite me making an inane comment about reading your blog.

Great to see things go so well for you.


madebymum said...

its going together really well. Goo luck on Tuesday.