Thursday, 17 February 2011

Nearly there!

So finally things seem to be going to plan! The carpet saga resolved itself, into buying a small carpet / very large rug 4m x 8m that will cover the floor space where we will spend the most of our time.

The Ikea delivery arrived thankfully not at 7am, as first told but at a more respectable 9am and 2 extremely helpful men carried everything in for me!

I unrolled the carpet this afternoon in preparation for the move on Tuesday - It's not what I would have at home but the colour should be practical in a working space.

And then finally, this afternoon 13 sets of industrial shelving were delivered. Again an extremely helpful delivery man even wheeled the palette to my door!

So we are ready - well, ready to get busy. I will teach all day tomorrow then come Saturday, poor hubby gets shelf building AGAIN. Doesn't seem 5 minutes from when he was last putting together a mountain of Ikea furniture (old post!)
Then Tuesday is D-Day - I have enlisted some help so it shouldn't take too long to move everything, literally 4m down the corridor! I do like to make things difficult for myself!


Penny said...

Can't wait to see those shelves filled. Looks exhausting, but very exciting. Good Luck!

The Pea Pod said...

Good luck from me too!

♥ emma bear forever ♥ said...

Good luck....I really don't envy your having to put all that together :0) x

Judith said...

It must be very exiting, wish you all the best!

Claire said...

how exciting :)
I am expecting a largish Ikea delivery tomorrow at the shop and after a trade show over the weekend my husband will too be in shelf building heaven!
I had the carpet laid today (was not too bad in the end!) like you, wouldn't have it at home but its practical.
Good Luck with the move..

Original Art By Clare said...

So exciting! I love having deliveries! Good luck with it all xx