Saturday, 5 February 2011

Torie Jayne Blog

Just before I headed off to Top Drawer Trade show, I received an email from the writer/creator of the fabulous Torie Jayne blog. She asked, if she could pop over to the stand whilst at the show and take some photographs.

WOW! I felt very flattered to have been considered.
When it came to show day, it was at a very busy moment she appeared – she took a few photos’ and alas no time to talk, she went on her way.

Well today a tweet popped up in my live stream followed by an update in my Google reader and there it was – her blog post about dots and spots! Her photography is beautiful – so lovely and clear – Thank you very much!

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Judith said...

Congrats! It's an honour, I can imagine. Her blog is lovely as well, like yours. And so is your work!
Have a nice weekend,
greetings, Judith