Sunday, 16 December 2012

Christmas London!

 Yesterday we were up early and headed off to London for the day. A chance to soak up the Christmas sights and atmosphere and go and see Matilda - tickets for which, I bought way back in the summer.

We drove down to Hounslow, parked the car for free in the tube station car park and tubed it into London.

 First stop was Liberty's for the girls and the Apple store for the boys!

This was the view inside looking up,

and the view looking down!
I bought everyone a little something as a table present for Christmas day.

We then headed over to Covent Garden for lunch and a little Christmas shopping.

 Sophie wanted to visit Hope and Greenwood - a shop full of delicious treats - again a few pressies were bought and some treats for later!

As we walked through the covered part, we happened upon the
London Gay Men's Chorus.
They were absolutely brilliant - a wonderful sound and full of festive cheer. They were a really special touch to the day - FAB! Once they had finished performing,

we went in search of the Cambridge Theatre and the reason for coming to London - MATILDA

 It was 
I LOVE Musicals and now have a partner in crime with Sophie. We have decided to go to at least one a year (possibly more if we can afford it). Matilda was brilliant - a must see.

Before coming home, we took in some of the Christmas lights but it was very busy and I think Sam was a little scared by it all, so after seeing the tree in Trafalga Square we headed back to Hounslow and home!

Today I will sort out my table presents and get ready for more excitement later - our annual family get together with Jeff's family at Longleat. An afternoon of ice-skating, fairytale houses, singing light up Christmas trees and the Father Christmas train all to look forward to!

I'll leave you with just a minute of the London Gay Men's Chorus - perfect!


Pene said...

Oh I so love Liberties at christmas there is something about the shop that is so magical at this time of year. Unfortunately it has been years since I was last there but your pictures have prompted me to think of visiting very soon! Yes it's 400+ miles away but thanks to the magic of Virgin only 4.5hrs (each way!).
Have a very merry christmas

Carolee Crafts said...

Something so magical about LIberty's at Chritmas that and Harrods my favourite places at this time of year

Elli Moody said...

Wasn't Matilda fab! We saw it on the first run in Stratford, loved Miss Trunchbull!