Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Mission accomplished!

Yesterday was all about an overdue deadline - 9 card designs needed urgently.
So the heater was on and mug topped off with coffee,

a little bit of festive Buble and a days design window commenced!

There was a break in the evening, to go and enjoy my son Sam singing in Wells Cathedral with his school. I wouldn't have missed it for the world and came away feeling very festive but still with a couple of designs to finish. But come 11pm, it was done - all 9 designs complete for my printers, which I duly handed over this morning.

Here are a few snippets/ teasers - we have a total of 56 new designs to reveal soon for 2013 plus a variety of new wrap and other stuff. So keep popping by to find out what we have been up to!

I now have a bit of a mess to clear up and hopefully, catalogue and card proofs to look through in the next couple of days but I am happy to say, I am now back on track!!

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Elli Moody said...

Good day's work - well done :)