Saturday, 8 December 2012

Oh Christmas Tree

Yeah - a week earlier than normal, as we are busy next weekend but the tree is up.

Yesterday I managed to find a couple hours to give the house a bit of a dust and tidy up so that when the children came home, we were able to pop the tree up and get the lights on.

So that left today and the best bit - decorating!

It was a mix of new and old and loved.

We always hide the birds on the tree for the Bubba (Grandfather) to find but to be fair, there are too many now.

I treated myself to some new lights - 600 lovely white fairy lights.

So I'm sat watching Strictly Come Dancing, about to write some Christmas cards and this is my view - not bad. I shall enjoy my nights on the sofa for the next couple of weeks.


WinnibriggsHouse said...

That looks really Christmassy. I am quite jealous. We won't get ours until next weekend, so my only Christmas spirit tonight will be in my glass!

Jooles said...

Ooooooh soooooo pretty!
next weekend for us
love jooles x

Lisa said...

A magical view.
Your tree always looks so lovely.
Lisa x

Crafty Helen said...

Wow - I must admit I did wonder how many lights were on there - 600! It looks amazing, I love all your red & white decorations. XX

Nadine Thomas said...

Love the photos of your tree. I appreciate how hard it is to photograph the lights well but I think you nailed it. I think I have a paltry 160 lights on mine. Not nearly enough *sob*. ;-)