Monday, 10 December 2012

Jo's Jars

My sister popped over on Sunday for an hour or two with my adorable 4 year old niece - she is one excited bundle about Christmas. Jo brought over my belated birthday present too, you can she why she couldn't post them - 4 gorgeous glass jars.

 Aren't they lovely?
I haven't yet decided what to fill them with - Sophie suggested sweets - no surprise there!

They fit perfectly on my little green shelf in the corner of my kitchen and the fairy lights behind them make them look so pretty.

My kitchen corner is certainly beginning to take shape since I changed it in the Summer. I still have to decorate the kitchen for Christmas, just a few festive touches but I don't do that until Christmas week - something to look forward to.

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Quilted Cupcake said...

Those are some great jars! Love the ribbon, and the lights do look lovely. I may just have to add some lights to my studio. Thanks for sharing your inspiration!