Sunday, 2 December 2012

Frome Flea, Artisan and Christmas Super Market

After yesterdays lovely day at the Barn, this morning Sophie and I left the boys at home and headed over to Frome for the Christmas Flea, Artisan and Super Market. 

It was super busy. Our tactic was to head to the top of Catherine Hill and then amble our way down through the crowds, armed with my pressie list in the hope of doing a little Christmas shopping.

 There were gorgeous food stalls, and wreaths and craft stands - a really lovely mix.

One of our favourites - Hokey Pokey by The Chocolate Society.

The Flea is always a favourite of mine and it was much busier today

complete with musicians.

We left around midday and headed back over to the Barn to have a look at today's new stands, before heading home. I'd temporarily put everything I have to do workwise to the back of my mind, but now home and by the look of the order pile, I will be back to being super busy in the morning.

Hope you have all had a lovely weekend - next week we will be decorating the tree - can't wait!


OhSoVintage said...

That looks a great market. I would have headed straight to the flea bit and bought that teddy and flour bin.

dosierosie said...

My daughter was going there this morning. Wish I lived nearer.

dots and spots said...

It was super busy - full of Christmas hustle and bustle - a lovely atmosphere and the perfect start to December

Susi said...

Oh how I love everything on your blog! We should have a swap someday :)

Rio said...

I'm moving to Frome this month and very excited about being able to shop in the local market! I can't wait:)

Anonymous said...
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