Monday, 5 September 2011

'Big' School!

The start of the September term is always a big event for us - one because Jeff and I, were/are teachers and once you have children, each new term marks such a big stage in their little lives.

This was my super cute Sophie on her first day at proper school 7 years ago - top knot a must have!

And then this her today - her first day at Secondary School - with the new addition of a blazer and tie, looking very smart.

When Sophie started school it was so close to home - literally! We lived in boarding accommodation and she just had to walk across the courtyard and I could spy on her through her bedroom window.

Now we live in our own home, we have the joy of the school run - not my favourite time of day.

So there were smiles all round this morning - fingers crossed it continues!

3 comments: said...

She looks very happy and confident. Glad it all went OK. I'm off now to double-check school stuff and set the alarm for tomorrow ... eeek.

Debdor said...

What a beautiful daughter you have, and a lovely family. Hope she settled in ok today...

susan said...

time whizzes buy. Good Luck at High School!