Sunday, 4 September 2011

Dancing Ledge

Yesterday we headed off to the Dorset Coast to Dancing Ledge, a good 2 hour journey. We were meeting Jeff's side of the family - 15 of us in all, to celebrate birthday's coupled with a chance to remember Jeff's mum, who sadly lost a hard battle with cancer, nearly 4 years ago now.

As a family we holidayed together for years, on mass at Studland Bay, staying in caravans and enjoying family time together. When Jeff's mum was diagnosed with cancer, our last holiday together was to Dorset and the last place she visited was Dancing Ledge, before she returned home and had to go to stay in the hospice.

It was also the place that my sister in law went into labour, whilst on a return visit and Lois - the last of the children to be born in the Peabody family, was born in Poole hospital within hours of being there!

We haven't been back for a couple of years but each time we have, Daphne is certainly to the forefront of everyone's minds.

Some of us on couldn't make the last climb down to the waters edge, so looked on from higher up.

Those that could make it down the last climb, took the opportunity to swim in the natural sea pool. It was apparently man made originally and used as a local school's swimming pool!

We had a lovely day, the sun burnt through by the afternoon and then there was the climb back to the car. The photo really doesn't portray the steepness of the walk but it was well worth the effort.


Jeff said...

The pool is, I think, not a natural pool, but was blasted out of the rock for the use of pupils at 2 prep. schools in the village of Langton Matravers - Durnford Court and The Old Malthouse (sadly both schools have now closed, I always fancied a job at one of them, what a great place to live & work!) - I'm not sure, but I think the pool was made by the staff and pupils of Durnford Court: The Chemistry teacher would blast the rock and the pupils would then clear out the rubble. I bet his chemistry lessons were great fun!

Ian Flemming - the author of the James Bond books - was a pupil of The Old Malthouse and swam in the pool as a boy. Not sure if James Bond ever swam in the pool.

Nevertheless - an absolute treasure of a place. A beautiful place to swim. Must go back there next summer.

Victoria said...

A lovely day with some special memories - thank you for sharing. x