Sunday, 25 September 2011

Busy weekend

Following on from the 2 recent posts on tins and boxes, I decided to cover a box with some of my wrapping paper, just to see what it looked like - and I like the idea! Will have to investigate further!

Jeff, my husband has been busy preparing the shop on our website for Christmas.

The wrapping paper is now loaded for you to view and if you click on any of the images on the page, they now enlarge! It's not available to buy yet but I hope to have it by the beginning of next week, if everything goes to plan.

We also have the matching Christmas gift tags for you to see - click through to the page to see all the various buying options.

I'm now working on a set of new smaller notebooks which will be available to buy either individually or in pairs (but not until the new year!) - there will be 16 different designs in total - should keep me out of mischief for the next few days.


Sally said...

Love the box idea! Will go and check out your christmas things now!
Sally x

Judith said...

Love it!

Claire said...

Wow I love boxes and tins,I have loads scattered around! I would definitely buy Becky.

In fact I have lots of shoe boxes at the moment after buying the boys school shoes and trainers.Im very tempted to buy some of your wrapping paper and do the same until you start producing your own x

Pene said...

Becky you are a genius! I have a heap of tins that I wanted to cover with paper to then fill as chrimbo pressies, BUT haven't been able to find any paper long enough to go round in one piece!! Now I know what to do with some of that lovely wrapping paper you sent me ( I haven't used any of it yet as I can't bear the thought of someone ripping it off lol so have been saving it for something special!!) Okay off to decorate tins NOW
Pene x

dots and spots said...

I might do the same Pene but am blaming you for replanting the seed about boxes in my mind - will be working on the idea quietly behind the scenes