Tuesday, 20 September 2011

A little unintentional collection

I seem to have developed a little collection unintentionally but never the less, a collection of tins all the same. I have no use for the above tin what so ever - I just liked it last time I was out shopping, so I bought it and then I started to look around at home at all the other tins I have scattered around the place.

The First Aid tin was a present, bought from Cath Kidston (you will soon realise quite a few of my tins have been purchased from Cath Kidston)

This tiffin tin, meant for food and snacks is the perfect tin for plasters!!

This tin was from Next - part of a set of 3 but has become terribly faded in the sun in my studio - it's supposed to be for coffee but is full of scraps of sandpaper.

This tower of tins is a real mix of Cath Kidston, Tesco's and Next (another of the set of 3!) These too are faded from the sun but neatly store away bits and pieces.

This trio of tins, again a mix of Cath Kidston and Tesco's live in the larder cupboard and are home to the biscuits, cakes and a few sweet treats.

These 2 tins were bought from the Flea Market - and have so far been spared from being filled yet. They sit on the top of an old cupboard, so far out of sight, out of mind but I'm sure they won't remain empty for long!

A tin for string obviously and a really pretty tin from Greengate which was part of a set of 3, stuffed to the brim with all those little bits and pieces you don't know where to put!

This union jack tin was a present for my husband last Christmas and has stayed on the shelf where it was put when unwrapped! Looks nice though, just propped up on it's side.

This little Greegate tin is filled with all the odd birthday candles that get left over. It's full to the top so never a birthday without candles here.

This set of 3 Cath Kidston star tins sits nicely in an old French glass wall cupboard and are pretty in themselves - they hide the Calpol, inhalers, paracetamol etc.

And finally this lovely old Greengate tin - my favourite, sits on the dresser and hides all those bits of paper you feel you can't throw away. There are more tins, quite a few more and probably even more will be added to the collection over the coming months as the lovely festive tins come into the shops - I have spied some rather nice festive tins in Laura Ashley already.

I would love to see my designs on a selection of tins but the order quantities scare me for now and where would I store them all?
One day - maybe!


Sara said...

I love and collect them!!!


hello gorgeous said...

oh my word!! you've got tins coming out of your ears!! ;op

the only tins I seem to acquire are the one at christmas time holding the chocolates....which are ALWAYS empty when it gets to me!


hello gorgeous xxx

Jenny said...

You have a fab collection! I've got quite a few tins around and always love buying more, can't resist a pretty tin! I also looked into getting my designs printed onto tins, and yes, the numbers completely scared me too (and I have no premises, just a spare room! hehe) x

Moobaacluck said...

Aren't they lovely. I wonder if it would be possible to have tins made in vast quantities and delivered direct to buyers - or at very least stored where manufactured to then be shipped. I would almost bet my house that you will do this at some point x

Forest Flower said...

Yup - I have a slight problem with tins too.... Love the pair of red and cream French caddies :)

Blueberry Park said...

gorgeous! I too have a bit of a tin fetish...along with a jug fetish, oh and of course fabric fetish to name but a few ;-)

Jeff said...

Didn't realise the Union Jack tin was mine. Now I know this, I'll use it to store some of my 'stuff'

www.daisyleyboxes.co.uk said...

I looked at the lovely tiffin tins they had in Waitrose in the summer but knew I'd never use it for a picnic so didn't buy it. Kicking myself now, as I realise I could use it for plasters. Great collection.

Sally said...

What a lovely collection, I have one or two of those myself!

KC'sCourt! said...

Lovely collection. What is it about a pretty tin? I have a collection of tins too!
Julie xxxxxxx

LissyLou said...

ha ha - i have loads of tins too (without meaning too)

They are all pretty empty at the moment since moving into this new house. But i'm looking forward to filling them and choosing which rooms to put them in xx

dots and spots said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who has a love affair with tins - ideally I now need a bigger house, then I can buy some more!

Rebecca said...

ooh what a lovely collection indeed! I'm a bit guilty of buying tins, I don't feel so bad as they are useful too unlike ornaments! x

Tracy said...

Lovely! Your house must be so colourful with your tins and boxes and hearts and ...

I especially love the First Aid tin!

Tracy x

Calico Kate said...

Love them!