Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Busy bee behind the scenes.

Can't believe it was last Friday that I was on here - time is whizzing away again. No matter how organised I try to be, there are never enough hours in the day to get everything done.

We had a fabulous response to our first set of wrap at Harrogate Home and Gift and a lot of interest in a Christmas range if we could get one done in time. So I have been busy behind the scenes finalising my next set of designs, 3 of which will be Christmas and of course with the reverse of the sheet being a different design - that's 6 designs in total.

Jeff (my lovely husband) has been building the latest set of shelves, I do the final proof of the paper tomorrow, then in 2 weeks time these shelves should be full of new wrap - exciting. As soon as I have images, I will post them on our website so you can see what will be coming very soon.

I have also been having a re-think about my cards and brainstorming the different occasions to which we send a card.

I am planning on adding some new designs to our range in the coming months and was looking at which of my cards fit into any of the categories listed above.

When I first started out my designs were very general so could fit any occasion. As time has gone on, I have been asked to design for specific occasions like new baby, congratulations etc. Some of my cards fit easily into a specific category and others simply don't. By cutting the card images out and sticking them into the categories, it is quickly obvious that there are some areas I don't yet cover.

But am I missing any occasions/categories from the list above and are there any current postcard designs that you think should become card designs?

Any comments will be gratefully appreciated and those of you who take the time to leave a comment will be entered into a little giveaway of some current cards.


Claire said...

I love all your designs,can't wait to see the new ones.Especially Halloween! My favourite holiday,I always want to send Halloween cards to family but nowhere does them.

Do you have any American followers? Maybe a spotty Thanksgiving turkey :)

Keep up the fabulous work x

Lisa said...

I think you have it pretty covered by your list. The only thing we get asked for alot it specific anniversaries such as 1st, silver, ruby, golden and diamond.

Loving the new gift wrap : )

dots and spots said...

Thanks Lisa - I do have those on another list - I have so many lists I don't know where to start!

dots and spots said...

Claire could you email me over your address details so I can send you a little promised thank you for taking the time to leave a comment.

Thank Becky


Claire said...

Sent :)

Thankyou Becky! x x x

KERRY said...

Hello, thinking twins and cards for pets ? Think the rest you have covered in your list x Kerry

Sue said...

It's amazing how many occasions we need cards for isn't it. The only other ones I send our for students graduating from University. 'Well done' ones can cover it but as they leave their educational years behind it would be good to have something more specific.

Claire said...

Just stopping by to say thank you,my package arrived today :D

Thanks so much x Claire x