Friday, 23 September 2011

My second unintentional collection of......


Now a couple of posts ago, I shared a little unintentional collection of tins with you and was quite pleased to hear you could understand my love affair with a tin! Then the lovely Rachel commented on facebook, if I had ever considered getting my designs printed onto boxes. I have.... but as with the tins, it's the quantities and storage that are currently stopping me from going forward.

But then it struck me just how many lovely boxes I have around my home and well maybe if I liked them so much, others might buy them too, so I may, when I have a moment, investigate further.

I must confess every room in the house has a box or two in it - even the bathroom (see above)

This little collection houses my small jewelry collection - yes I know there is a tin in the photo I forgot to share with you last time.

This bow is a favourite from IKEA - it was bought for Christmas.

Even Hubby has to have a lovely, flowery Cath Kidston box to house his cufflinks!

Sam has quite a few spotty boxes for all his bits and pieces

and Sophie has quite a collection in her room too - must be following in her mother's footsteps - such good taste!

My study is just as full of boxes, as it is tins - you can never have enough in my opinion......

........ but alas like the tins, they fade so badly in the direct sunshine.

This has to be my most used box - it's full of all the usable scraps of paper I get - would be lost without it!

Have a lovely weekend.


Sally said...

Oooo yes boxes what a good idea!! Would look stunning!
Sally x

hello gorgeous said...

how about flat-packed boxes... storage solution sorted...and the customer has the fun of "putting it together"...yay!


hello gorgeous xxx

Gift Ideas For Her said...

love your collection! what great taste you have!

Plus Size Shopaholic said...

I'm a box fan myself. Love yours!

Ikealady said...

Love your boxes.
Boxes and baskets are the best thing
to hide ones stuff in.

Calico Kate said...

What a lovely collection & I do like the one wrapped in your paper too. I like a good old cardboard box as well as pretty ones!

Amanda said...

I love storage boxes too. Have you ever thought about licensing your designs to a box manufacturer? then you get royalties on what they sell plus you don't have the hassle of manufacturing or storage and distribution.