Friday, 2 September 2011

End of the holidays

We have all enjoyed a lovely summer holiday and although I have had to work quite a lot of it, particularly the first 2/3 weeks full time, the children have enjoyed time at home with Jeff all Summer - best perk of being a teacher - the holidays. But with the holidays coming to an end and Jeff back to school for INSET days, I had to take the children over to the premises with me this morning.

Sophie is an absolute star, doesn't moan in the slightest, happy to help with prepping orders etc and as she does such a good job, earns herself a little pocket money.

Sam on the other had moans and complains, expects to be paid for doing nothing and will only remotely help, if climbing ladders are on the agenda!

I had to take some quick photo's whilst we were there, as we are putting together a Christmas Flyer to launch our new Christmas wrap, which will hopefully be ready by the end of the month.

My printer is coming to the house later on today to show me proofs - hard to think of Christmas today as the sun is shining and it's a glorious day here in Somerset but I guess blink and it will be here!

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Ellouise88 said...

Oh you are so right about Christmas! Just as we are getting some nice weather they start forecasting floods and cold! I don't think it's just boys who moan; I have two girls and they are the same. One really useful and gets stuck in, and the other moaning and asking how long it is before she can go home!