Wednesday, 31 December 2014


It's that time of the year when we look back on all we have achieved during the year. 2014 has been a good year. Jeff started his new job in January - he loves it, they love him - the best thing this year by far. To be happy in your work, enjoy it and be respected and appreciated is all you can ask for.


January always seems a long month and Somerset was hit badly by flooding and huge amounts of rain. We were okay where we live but others were badly affected. It's a month to get inside jobs done and so we moved the dots and spots premises to keep busy.


I always think February is a month of promise - Spring is within touching distance and the promise of warmer weather arriving soon.


March is the month of celebrations - Jeff's Birthday and Mother's Day.
It was also the month we started work on the 'new bit' of garden - at last!



April was glorious - Easter was later this year so our few days in Cornwall were a lot warmer , even warm enough for paddling! On our return, we spent plenty of time out in the new garden, building veg beds for the Summer, putting up the longed for trampoline and enjoying the warm sunshine.


May was super too - I spent most of time outside - embarked on a little running which ended in tears and shin splints, so decided to do swimming instead!



June saw the arrival of my sweet peas at long last. After year's of failed attempts, I managed to grow my own sweet peas and they rewarded me in scented blooms all Summer. I swam lots at the local Lido and intend to do the same in 2015 - it's a secret gem in Shepton Mallet's crown!


July saw the much needed Summer holidays arrive and with it, a few days down in Cornwall - super weather again. Granny celebrated her 91st Birthday with fish and chips in style and Sophie decided to chop all her hair off! (she's growing it again now!)



August saw us jet off to Majorca for a much needed holiday together and it was just what we all needed. We came home relaxed and re-energised and ready to book 2015's break away - Ibiza here we come!

We came home and celebrated Sam's 12th Birthday, the vegetable harvest from our new veg patch and the glorious sunflower's at their best.


September is all about new beginnings - the new new school year and for me the start of my Slimming World journey - the best thing I've done this year!


October was again a fabulous month weather wise - we harvested our pumpkins and took long Autumnal walks. It was also the month I met up with 3 old school friends who I'd not seen for 25+ years. Happy to say it was 'just like yesterday' and there are plans in the pipeline to do it again! We went to London to see the Poppies at the Tower of London and despite the crowds, we weren't disappointed. 


November is a Birthday month with both Sophie and I celebrating - she got a new laptop and I got a pair of much longed for DM's (reliving my student days!) I also treated myself to these LOVE letters and tickets to see Take That in May next year.


And so finally December. The busy month of orders, preparations and then a big dollop of family time. It's been a great Christmas and even though we were on our own on Christmas Day we've seen lots of the family too. I celebrated it 2 stone 3 pounds lighter, thanks to Slimming World. 

So that's my round up for 2014 - a good year! 

I'd like to wish you all a very Happy New Year
and hope 2015 is everything you want it to be and more.



Bronwyn said...

What a year you've had! I love seeing pictures of your garden - so lush and green! Congrats again on your weightloss - you look amazing and have inspired me to lose a few more pounds this year! Happy 2015, Becky!

dots and spots said...

Happy New Year to you Bronwyn and good luck losing the pounds x