Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Making the most of.....

.....of Jeff!
Jeff broke up on Friday so is now on Holiday until January the 2nd.

I've taken advantage of him being at home to help out with the school runs and snuck off to bath on Tuesday for a little child free, last bits, Christmas shopping. The markets were on too, so a bonus festive extra.

I stayed 'on plan' and had brunch in Cafe Lucca at the top end of town. I haven't had a boiled egg in ages and it was cooked perfectly - simple but yummy.

I treated myself to this gorgeous plate from Anthropology.

Today I booked myself in for a quick hair colour -feel more like me again.

I've written, addressed, stamped and posted all the Christmas cards and have now turned my attention to wrapping the odd present.

I'm off to meet a friend for lunch tomorrow, have my Slimming World Christmas meal on Friday and still have a house to clean before the Christmas tree goes up on Saturday. Oh! and keep up to date with my dots and spots orders, nurse a poorly boy and do all the normal stuff! See it's a good job Jeff is at home.

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