Tuesday, 16 December 2014

It's a wrap!

One of the things I LOVE about Christmas is buying carefully chosen gifts and then having a huge 'wrap fest' where I take over the whole table and create one monster of a mess. The festive tunes are singing out, I have a constant mug of coffee on the go and I used to have the chocolate tin to hand (no longer!) I could spend all day there, merrily wrapping away.

Of course I use my paper - it's expected!

And why not, when it's such good quality and there are so many lovely designs and combinations to choose from - the perfect pile of presents!

I do use my ribbons too and ribbons recycled from Christmas's gone by.
I mix in a few different tags and it's job done.

Not forgetting the odd candy cane too x

Have you started wrapping yet?


Anonymous said...

All my wrapping is done Becky. I decided to wrap a few but felt I was on a roll so kept going till they all done.
I have already given out or posted most of my Xmas cards (all dots and spots ones this year) and have already had several feedbacks re what lovely Xmas cards. All credit to you I think!
Our tree and decs are up so we all ready for the festive few days.
Mandy x

dots and spots said...

Bet it all looks lovely Mandy - loving the fact this year that i have a little more time to enjoy the Christmas build up. Have Jeff's presents to wrap when he next goes out, then I'm done!