Friday, 5 December 2014

An early Christmas present to me!

8 weeks ago, we were asked to write down a Christmas gift/wish to ourselves - something that was realistic. I went for achieving my 2 stone Award and to fit into my White Stuff jacket.

This morning I lost a further 2.5lbs that's 2st 0.5lbs in total,
 so I achieved my 2 stone Award 3 weeks before Christmas!!

And that White Stuff Jacket now fits perfectly - buttons done up and everything!

2st heavier                  1st lighter                2 stone lighter

This pic shows what I've lost so far!

I also got 'Slimmer of the Week' again! 
That's my 6th time in 12 weeks!

And the best thing that happened this week - I bought a size12 pair of Gap jeans!
The best feeling in the world!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Sue said...

Becky you look gorgeous(not that you didn't before) we all no our comfortable zone don't we Well Done to you.
Best Wishes Keep at it
Sue xxxx

Debdor said...

Oh wow Becky, that is fabulous, well done you! I guess its new clothes for Christmas then...

Anonymous said...

Becky, you look lovely! It must be such a wonderful feeling to have achieved your goal. You must treat yourself to some new outfits because you thoroughly deserve them. Many congrats! Mandy x