Sunday, 28 December 2014

Day trip!

So today was the day to fulfil a promise, a Christmas gift to my Granny. Her Christmas present this year was 'us'! We didn't spend Christmas day with her this year, so instead of gifts she didn't want or need, we decided to give her 'us' for the day! Now it's a 5/6 hour round trip, more time in the car than actually with her but I know she'll have appreciated every minute we were there x

We were lucky with the weather - gorgeous blue skies and sunshine all the way and a quick detour to see the sea at Portreath on the way, was too tempting.

The harbour bathed in sunlight - such a treat.

Part of the gift was to do lunch, so I came prepared - spag bol and garlic bread, with homemade meringues, fresh fruit and a dollop of cream for pud! Took all my own pots and plates, so no mess or fuss for Granny.

Time with family is precious and as our lives get busier, so the opportunities to spend time together must be found. Mum and Dad popped in for a coffee in the afternoon which was an added bonus, we then said our goodbyes and headed home - Christmas present delivered xx

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Anonymous said...

What a great gift! Better than anything you could ever buy. Happy new year