Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Vanessa Cabban

Today I heard some very sad news - the death of a very colourful, creative and talented lady - the wonderful Vanessa Cabban. Now I have never met her, only through the wonders of social media and her blog but she was a generous and extremely talented lady and the news has made me feel very sad.

I was lucky enough to buy one of her Evangeline Mouse sculptures back in January 2011, in fact it was the first of a series. If only I could have afforded them all but that too would have been selfish, as so many others have had the joy of owning her wonderful work.

She was so thoughtful to add a personal note too.

I was also lucky to receive one of her fabulous brooches as a birthday gift.

 Her life took a different path after the end of her marriage a few years ago and she sadly blogged less. I used to love to read her blog and have spent some time today going back through some of her posts. Her life always seemed to be full of such joy and colour.

I am lucky, I have Evangeline on my mantelpiece and it makes me smile every day and I will now think even more fondly of the lady who created her.

RIP Vanessa Cabban - a colourful, creative and talented lady.


Primroses Attic said...

Such sad news.
I have visited her blog thank you
she was a really talented person.
Such a sad lost.Loved her work.

Anonymous said...

Such sad, sad news. I did follow her blog for a time. She was so talented. Many hearts will be heavy at this sad news. Mandy x

Deanne said...

such sad news and taken so suddenly

Anonymous said...

Very sad news. Such a talented lady x

Jill B said...

I'm so saddened and shocked by the news of Vanessa's passing.
I did follow her blog and my daughter has a couple of her beautiful books, which include a lovely message from the talented lady herself.

dots and spots said...

I hope she is now at peace and that her colourful and talented life, remains alive in the work she has left behind x

Val Reaves said...

Thank you for remembering Vanessa,... I followed her blog and was so saddened. She never failed to inspire me..
Be at peace, Vanessa....