Sunday, 7 December 2014

Another weekend whizzing by....

Where do the weekends go?
Yesterday Sophie and I headed over to IKEA nice and early, dropping Sam off at a friends en route.
Brave or foolish on a Saturday but we didn't need much and to be fair the biggest queue's were outside for the Christmas trees. It was just the traffic leaving Bristol which was horrendous - a good 45mins to just cross Bristol. Had to have the meatballs (I am only human) and I enjoyed every mouthful, will flexi syn them and hope the scales are kind to me next Friday!

Saturday evening I was taxi service for Sophie off to a party,
 I then settled down for the evening....

......writing Christmas cards!

Then today, another early start, Sophie and I headed over to Frome for the Christmas Frome Independent Market. It was as busy as ever and a few more Christmas pressies were got, so a good morning. I have loads of orders to catch up on now - serves me right for enjoying myself!

Hope you've had a good weekend too x

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Sue said...

You DO have to have a little enjoyment as well you know, glad you've had a good if busy weekend (up to now)!!
Enjoy the rest of it Becky
Best Wishes
Sue xxx