Friday, 12 December 2014

Tis the season to be jolly!

So this week I lost a pound!
It's okay, was a little disappointing but it's still a pound off in the right direction before Christmas and I did enjoy the Ikea meatballs earlier in the week, so it's a realistic loss and I am 29.5lbs lighter this Christmas.

We had our Slimming World Christmas meal today - well, we tried! It was a brave man to tell 17 hungry Slimming World members that they wouldn't be having their Christmas lunch due to a burst water main in the food area! Alternative arrangements were quickly made and we enjoyed a nice lunch together elsewhere, although minus the turkey. 

I've been thinking how I'm going to 'manage' Slimming World over the festive season. My plan is to stay pretty much 'on plan' but relax on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day. I'm not going to go mad and gorge myself silly but I am going to enjoy a few festive foods and not feel guilty. I want to come out the other side of Christmas, without a big gain!

 I'm not buying in the panettone, stollen, mince pies, cake etc as I'm the main culprit for eating it, so I'm simply not going to have it there to tempt me. I am instead going to enjoy the crackers and cheese and stuffing and bread sauce alongside all the healthy stuff at proper meal times. I'd love to get into the next stone range and even lose a pound over Christmas if I can but I'm not going to be too hard on myself if I don't.
It will be my first Christmas in years where a mince pie won't have passed my lips!

Hope you have a lovely weekend - I'm house cleaning and tree decorating so best get on!


Sue said...

Becky, you won't blow it you've come too far now for that , but give yourself permission to have three days off,and your next weigh in you'll be chuffed with yourself, I tend to think like that now, if we don't have LOTS and LOTS of nice things in you can't eat them!!!
Well Done on your achievement
Best Wishes
Sue xxx

Anonymous said...

You have done so well but give yourself a few days off. Doesn't mean you have to go mad but just enjoy some extras knowing that you can get back on plan a week later. The plan has to be realistic and the reality is that for a few days over Xmas there will be extras. Over a year it will all balance out. Mandy x x

Anonymous said...

Becky, You are an inspiration! Congratulation on getting this far with your weight loss journey. I'd like to start losing weight in the New Year.Unfortunately I love making and eating mince pies and I have a family who expect me to do both!
Have a fabulous Christmas, enjoy your 3 days off and good luck!
Faye x

dots and spots said...

Thank you Sue - It really is all about the mind and being in the right frame of mind - I'm pretty determined this time and will only have myself to blame if it all goes wrong as the plan is great. I think if I have something off plan just enjoy every mouthful and then move on x

dots and spots said...

Very true Mandy - they do say it's not a diet but a lifestyle change, so there must be room for a few tweaks every now and then. I just think if I do go oof plan have something I really want and enjoy every mouthful rather than picking on rubbish x

dots and spots said...

Thanks Faye - go for it in the New Year! You can have mince pies and syn them. You can make Slimming World mince pies with lower syns too but I know I won't stop at one and you can't have a mince pie without cream! So I best just not go there this year x

Amanda said...

We had our slimming world party, got another later. Loved the food on offer, I've got some very talented members. Its lovely to see how well you're doing.