Friday, 4 November 2011

Birthday Girl

The cake is decorated - sweet-tastic!

The sweet garland has gone up,

the birthday bunting is hung

and the presents are wrapped.

Somehow this gorgeous baby,

then cute 3 year old..... now 12!
How did that happen?
I score extra 'Mummy points' as tickets are booked for Wembley in December,
to go and see The Saturdays (Sophie's FAVOURITE group) - How I have managed to keep it a secret since June, is beyond me.

So we're now off to Ask for a birthday tea, friend in tow, then a girlie days shopping planned for tomorrow - Oh! to be 12 again.

Happy Birthday Sophie x


KC'sCourt! said...

Happy birthday
Julie xxxxxxxx

Jenny said...

Happy Birthday Sophie, hope you all have a great weekend celebrating! xxx said...

Oh the cake, the bunting, the sweet garland AND tickets to the Saturdays .... happy, happy birthday. {I want to be 12 again}