Tuesday, 8 November 2011

A little.....

....early Christmas shopping for me!!!!

Today I received 2 gorgeous parcels in the post.

The first was from the very talented Jane at Snapdragon

with a little note from Valerie who packs up all the orders.

I'd ordered a bespoke spotty glasses case for me as I found out last week I need to wear glasses. I have apparently been suffering from silent migraines - where I get annoying wavy lines going across my eyes. It is apparently a muscle complaint and a problem with bright light! So as I was feeling sorry for myself, I thought I would treat myself!

I also bought a few Christmas badges and I see a couple of extras got added to my parcel too - thank you very much!

This pudding badge has to be my favourite!

The second parcel was from the lovely Lexi at Lexi Loves.

Lexi has her own shop in the town of Cirencester. I have yet to go - I know my purse would just not cope but the other day she tweeted a photo about some baubles she had made and said they would be on sale in her shop soon.

I just fell in love with them and bought them there and then and today they arrived.

And they are just gorgeous!

So I am a happy customer - 2 lovely deliveries in one day!

Thank You!


Riddlers cottage flowers said...

I have been to her shop, very lovely you would love it.
There are lots of lovely shops to look around,Love your blog Lesley.

Julie Cliff said...

What gorgeous things, you are right to treat yourself! x