Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Day to day organised......


I have so little to blog about at the moment because it is head down, work, work, work - just trying to keep on top of things. This time last year my trade orders had slowed right down as expected for the time of year but this year they are still 'pinging' into my inbox like anything. That's great but means the time I'd planned to design my new cards for Top Drawer in January is pretty non existent.

We are desperately trying to keep our stock levels up so when the orders do come in, we can 'pick & pack' rather than have to 'make up' every element of the order.

Our Christmas cards are flying off the shelves but quietly behind the scenes 6 of next year's 2012 cards are designed and ready for print.

My Lovely husband spent some of last week (half term hols) making up new shelves and re-organising the space, in preparation of our new notebooks arriving any time now - 16,000 mini notebooks plus re-orders of our current designs and a new 'Big Book' to be launched in January!

What hasn't changed is the mess on the end of my table - if anything it's getting worse. So many things are happening behind the scenes which I shall enjoy sharing with you over the coming weeks but for now I must hide away and get my postcard designs done, my mug designs done, my card designs done, my catalogue layout planned and organise my daughter's birthday celebrations for Friday - not much!!


Moobaacluck said...

Gulp. !!! you'll do it. xx Gabs

Domestic Goddesque said...

Notebooks?????? Be still my beating heart: I'll put one on my Valentine's List!!