Thursday, 24 November 2011


Yesterday I spent all day preparing all our products that needed to be photographed for our new catalogue. They are of a mix of old and new but have to fit in to the new catalogue layout, due to be printed in the next few weeks. As always due to time restraints, these things always seem to be rushed as a deadline looms but they will be well worth it.

I've been working with Owen of Owen Lucas Photography - he is a teacher at my husbands school and is married to a family friend. They trusted me with designing all their wedding stationery for them almost 3 years ago now.

Owen is building up a very good portfolio of wedding photography but was happy to help with some product shots. I've been setting up all the shots, many of which, are just of single products.

The tricky part is making sure, that say 12 shots of the same type of product, appear nearly the same. It becomes quite comical as I hover over a set up shot with a product, as Owen slides the previous set up out of the way!

The photo's are looking great and really make the products sell themselves.

Our ever popular tape, looks fantastic all piled up high - watch out for a special 'Christmas Tape Offer' coming very soon and a special 'Christmas Tape Giveaway' to be announced the beginning of next week - it will make those festive parcels stand out.

Our Advent Calendars have sold fantastically well and I guess you now have only a week left to purchase one, if you want it to arrive in time for the start of Advent.

I'm back over to the premises tomorrow, to hopefully finish taking the remaining photo's, whilst packing orders and then it will be time for a big tidy up and back to 'proper' work!

I think you'll agree the photo's so far are great and I will have many more to show you, when I share our new products with you very soon.


Judith said...

The pictures are great, just like your products. Everything looks so perfect and cheerful!

dots and spots said...

Thank you Judith. It's been lovely to see how bright and colourful everything looks when photographed.

Domestic Goddesque said...

What fabulous pictures of truly fabulous products!!

dots and spots said...

There are some really lovely photo's to share with you in the next few weeks as new products are revealed

Just me, Leah said...

Everything looks so good! Very tempting :) x

joy said...

Wow, wonderful photos of great products.