Sunday, 16 January 2011

Great First day!

I woke to a beautiful start to the day in London - this is my view from my tiny hotel room and that big white roof is Earl's Court, my home for the next couple of days.

Day one of Top Drawer.

What a fantastic display to welcome you!

It's extremely hard to put across just how vast the show is.

But here we are Stand F31

Everything was as I had left it - phew! Nothing had fallen down.

We had a fabulous day - lots of genuine interest, orders and some very interesting conversations. Wonderful developments for dots and spots if it all comes to fruition.

I'm going to be kept extremely busy in the coming weeks - a very productive day but equally very tired and weary feet after being on them for 8 and a half hours!


Mother Hen said...

The fair looks like it went really well. I could decorate my whole house in dots and spots!

I have a Stylish blogger Award for you with rules on my blog if you fancy it! I am rubbish at links so I hope this works-

Andrea said...

Hi There,
It's Andrea from Fin and Gabs here, I am so glad you are doing well, I would have loved to come and see you, your stand looks so lovely and bright, Well done and I would like to say that I am having such a great response to your products in my shop. Have a great end to the fair,
Andrea x